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Decided to push a little extra out of my aging rig.


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Finally decided to go for the ol' free performance upgrade...OC (overclock). My base system is... AMD A4-5600k 3.6GHz stock (after market Cooler Master V6 Heatsink I installed 4 years ago) G-Skill Razor 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 (2x4GB) Power Color AMD 6670 2GB DDR3 128bit 800MHz (stock GPU clock) 667MHz (stock memory clock) stock cooler I max at 53C but ambient temp here today is 33C After OC... AMD A4-5600k 4.2GHz *16.7% OC* (100MHz X42 stock voltage 1.365V) G-Skill Razor 8GB 1600MHz *20% OC* (100MHz X16 stock voltage) DDR3 (2x4GB) Power Color AMD 6670 2GB DDR3 128bit 850MHz *6.7% OC* (stable GPU clock) 880MHz *31.9% OC* (stable memory clock) Fan speed bumped to 80% ( I max at 53C but ambient temp here today is 33C) Real world results F1 2013 1368x768 high/ultra Before 23FPS After 32FPS = 39.1% performance boost Tomb Raider 2013 1368x768 high Before 35.8FPS After 45.6FPS = 27.4% performance boost Dirt Rally Before 1368x768 medium After 1368x768 high Before 23FPS After 33FPS = 43.5% performance boost Some games not well optimized for the PC no difference MK10 Watch Dogs So if you are willing to research and play it safe, take small steps, you can also improve your gaming experience with no cost involved. ** I do not recommend EVER OC your CPU with a stock heatsink and fan. Always use a performance air cooler or liquid cooler** * Also note that OC your CPU or GFX card is never covered by the standard manufacture warranty. If done improperly can severely or irreversible damage either. You do so at your own risk and be prepared as such damage will in turn send you shopping for a new CPU or GPU sooner than you wish.*
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Yeah not bad I guess. Everything seems to run great with the exception of benchmarking software. I can't make it through Cinebench R15 or Heaven Benchmark after the OC. But so far all my games run fine. So my games say stable and the benchmarking software says non-stable. I will have to wait and see. Below are my before and after results for GPU Shark, GPU-Z, and CPU-Z. 6670-and-5600k-idle-stock-speeds.png6670-and-5600k-idle-OC-speeds.png
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