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For my Rom library I have an extensive Media collection of stuff like Manuals, BoxArt, BoxArt3d, Title, Snaps, etc... The biggest thing holding me back from using Rom Library as my daily driver to launch roms and leveraging the cool usage stats LaunchBox generates is that I cannot use my Media Library with Launchbox. Is it possible for Launchbox to allow custom image paths to look for images and other media instead of having to download everything or maintain an extra copy just for launchbox. Here's an example: for system NES rom_directory= "C:\Emulation\NES\Roms\" BoxArt= "C:\Emulation\NES\Artwork\Box\" LaunchBox would then just have to name match the Roms and the Images. Many FrontEnds allow you to do this so that you can point it at an image directory for media you already have. I popular and fast way of Downloading/Assembling Artwork collection for Roms is a service called EmuMovies () and many front ends use it as a scraper TLDR: Custom Image paths, Ex: "C:\Emulation\Nes\Artwork\Snaps\" which then can be Name Matched to the roms.
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Yes please add this. Re-downloading all the media takes ages. It took almost two days for it to finish my MAME collection. If this feature is not possible, can you at least add a better way to store the downloaded files. As it is right now they all get downloaded to the images folder. That thing is a mess. It would be much appreciated if the downloaded media were put into their own platform folder and title folder. For example, when you download media files for Mega Man for NES it creates two folders as so: NES\Mega Man and puts the media files into the game title folder.
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