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Images not added when importing from D-Fend


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Hi, First of all many thanks for the great work you are doing on this frontend. You won't probably remember me but I did some betatesting and suggestions on one of the first versions. I'm trying to import an already-existing D-Fend Reloaded collection and the games are imported great, with all the metadata, and work ok. But no image is being imported. They are on the "Capture" folder of D-Fend, with a subfolder for each game, and they show on D-Fend. Format is JPG. I do leave the "import images" option checked. Is there something I must do to import the images? Any way of debugging why are not being copied over?
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Hi mgtroyas, I do remember. The D-Fend import hasn't been touched at all for a very long time, as I haven't gotten hardly any feedback on it. Looking at the code, it is supposed to import the images from the Captures folder. Can you send me a zip of all of your "prof" files? Then hopefully I can troubleshoot.
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Yes, images are on the Capture folder. I did a clean install of D-Fend and imported some simple games and generating captures, then I imported them on Launchbox, but it still didn't get the images. I've compressed the profiles of one collection, many of them have captures, not all of them. Hope they're of help. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2CsKiPBLtZ3NzgtR0F2UE9rQlE/view?usp=sharing
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