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The Case for Better Interpolation


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Hey Jason, I'm still in love with your app.. It's the best thing out there! However, I want to make the case for using better image interpolation. I've been using the app since version 2, but I thought you would have fixed this by now. The issue is that the default image interpolation LaunchBox currently uses is very low quality. And I did a little test to prove why. I took the same box cover (which was 1500 pixels wide), and shrunk it down using several interpolation methods and stuck them side by side next to the default LaunchBox interpolation. I'm assuming that LB uses nearest neighbor, which is not good at all for making out any kind of detail, especially at small sizes. Notice how you can barely make out "Super Mario Land." And "6 Golden Coins" is literally illegible. Also nearly impossible to make out is any of the artwork, including Mario himself! LaunchBox-Interpoliation1.jpg I would like to request that you change interpolation methods to Bilinear (which is not very CPU intensive, and makes a world of difference as you can see from both the Photoshop Bilinear and Google Chrome resizing samples of the exact same image). If it's good enough for Chrome, then it should be good enough for LaunchBox. Thanks for all your amazing work!
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Microsoft made a lot of API improvements regarding GDI+ with the release of Windows Vista, so I suspect that is the reason. But Windows is three versions ahead of XP now; it's almost surprising that it works at all, to be honest. ;) Are you forever sticking to XP or just haven't gotten around to upgrading yet?
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I've learned that even though the latest and greatest usually has some amazing new features and looks really nice, they usually break a dozen things in the process that I've come to rely on and take for granted... then I have to learn a whole new set of workarounds for things that are so basic, it seems we should have solved them last century. hahaha! :D
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