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Snes9x don´t save games issue (SOLVED)


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I was playing snes games with this emulator on the 5.9 version of launchbox.. until I realized that sometimes, I would say 50% of the time, my games didn´t save (in sram mode).. after a bit of digging, i found that the default Autohotkey script for close snes9x with the ESC key was responsible. ; This section closes Snes9x when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } Maybe does the emulator saves games right after closing it "normally".. but what this script does it to "force" close with the "ESC" key and therefor there is "sometimes" no save game. I use the very last snes9x´s build, which has the option of bind a key to close the emulator, unfortunately you can´t choose ESC as your quit key.. but you can use autohotkey to change "your choosen key to ESC"... for example I used END to quit snes9x.. so my autohotkey script looks like: ; This section closes Snes9x when pressing Escape Esc::End and boila! now snes9x saves every time and I can use ESC to quit it ... that easy :) I wanted to report this in order to help others. Saludos!
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