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Hi I've been using Launchbox for awhile now and decided to get the premium version. I really like the frontend but some of the things about the premium version are kind of disappointing. Firstly I don't really appreciate my full name being visible from the titlebar (i.e "Licensed to [X]). I have streamed games in the past and don't really like giving out my full name. Also the custom filters aren't exactly what I expected (this is kind of my fault for not looking into it more). I expected to be able to construct my own lists of games however I realize now it's more of a smartlist where you enter in details you want the program to look for. This isn't really what I was looking for as I had it in mind to use the feature to create a "backlog list" and "100%" list as "completed: yes/no" isn't specific enough. I know it probably sounds like I'm nitpicking but these seem like really simple changes to make and implement and would vastly improve the software.
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Hi xwing, thanks for the purchase! I'm sorry you're disappointed on a few things. Per the title bar, that's the only form of copy protection that I've added; I've chosen to do that instead of crippling the application with DRM, so unfortunately, that has to stay. I would understand if you wanted a refund because of this; I would certainly oblige. Per the filters, it sounds like you're looking for a "playlist" of sorts? That has been discussed and I do have it on my list to implement. I'll look into it and see if I can bump up the priority. Again, thanks for the purchase, and I hope the title bar thing isn't a deal breaker for you. Jason
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Oh no, I certainly wouldn't ask for a refund over something like that. Even the free version of the frontend is great so I don't feel like I've lost out or anything. Being that the licence xml still contains my full name and personal email I thought that would be enough to deter me and others from sharing the software, but I can understand that you're pretty adamant about this point and I can respect that. I did manage to find a workaround to get it how I wanted using the custom filters however. I used the "status" in place of how complete the game currently is. This lets me create custom filters for "100%, backlog, complete, currently completing, want to 100%" and I can batch edit games to adhere to this which is great. Of course I have to erase "imported from steam, imported rom" to do this, so the proposed playlist feature should be even better for this purpose, especially if you can put a "add to playlist [X]" in the right-click context menu (much like in a music player). Thanks for the reply Smile
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