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So, I've bought this program on whim and am now thrilled with it. It does what I want without any overblown features. I'm no friend of boxarts, but Steam and its community offers quite a selection of game banners, so I decided to use those. I've run into two problems so far: I can't set another image as Front, so I have to navigate into the games folder and replace it manually with another Front.xxx file. Maybe a possiblity to replace the front image and one to download banners from steam? There are gaps in the list, that i can't seem to close (see attached image). A bit more extensive spacing options would be nice But what I'm missing most is Tags or Categories. I think definable Tags that can be added to games in the Details view, similar to Steam, are a good idea. Currently I'm tagging my games by putting [MyTag] in the Version field and using a custom filter and the Contains option. Also some minor tidbits: A button at the top-right to toggle the sidebar Deselecting the current game by clicking at the background A option for a single color background Clipboard02.png
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Thank you Param! Glad it's working well for you. Per the banners, you should be able to set another front if you remove the existing one first. I'm not sure if a Steam banner download is feasible, but I'll look to see. Per the spacing, I'll see if I can close that gap. Good idea on the tags; I have some ideas planned for custom fields as well for the premium version. I've added the other items to my list of to dos as well.
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Hey there, despite the recent changes I don't seem to be able to create a gapless screen without issues. The problem seems to be the game aspect ration. For Steambanners it's 2.14, but i can't put it beyond 1.45. I've tried editing the setting directly, but it ignores it. What actually works is setting the vertical padding to -60. But that leads to overlapping selection boxes and an error message if you open the options menu.Clipboard01.jpg
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