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Zip import/export problem


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I am sharing my library with a friend. Lately I've added some games, and wanted to give them to him, so I selected them, then used the tool>export>to Launchbox Zip package, and it seemed to work fine. On the second PC, we did tools>import>from Launchbox Zip package, and everything seemed to be dandy. However, upon launching a game (or even clicking "edit"), we got a message that said something along the lines of "this game doesn't exist in the database anymore" (sorry, it was some days back, didn't record it at the time), and then all games were gone. Database was totally empty, upon re-opening LB, we were greeted with the first run modal box. No problem as we could restore the DB from the auto-backups, but we tried importing several times and the error reproduced every time. Basically, the import feature is broken, as far as I am concerned. Note that my games by default are outside of LB, so all paths look like "..\..\ROMS\SNES\xxx.smc", if that has anything to do with it (on that front, it is a bit annoying that imported games sit by default in ".\games", but then again I suppose handling my edge case would be too complex for very little benefit)
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I have deleted the package; I think I remember what was in it and have recreated it, but I can't be 100% certain it's exactly the same games and same options. However the package is easily 2.5 gigs, and I can't upload it anywhere. Would it be enough if I extracted the xml (here, in case it is)? Failing that, I suppose I could share it through bittorrent sync or something. Additional information regarding the setup: - Emulators are also outside of launchbox (basically, structure is: roms,emulators,launchbox) - My friend already had of the games in the package, but we didn't notice until we tried adding it manually - Upon importing, we deselected "import emulators", though we already had selected "do not export emulators" in the 'output' launchbox
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