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Option to show banners instead of covers


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Currently, LB shows the covers for each game. This is very neat, but when browsing, every system shows different cover sizes, and even within the same system, sometimes images have slightly different proportions, which kind of throws the neatness off. A solution would be to use different covers than those provided by gamedb, or create my own, however, if I was to do that, I would lose the organized meta-data. I want my "box front image" to be a "box front image", not some random image I found on the net, a fanart, or something I cobbled on Gimp. I like the ability to look at the original cover art and to flip the box. If I would remove the cover to replace it with my own, I would have to tag the cover as "fanart", which is a bother. I would still like to have a more standardized way to scroll through my games. I think using banners is a perfect solution; Banners are more or less standardized; when they aren't, it isn't too much work to make them fit (usually it's a matter of cropping them). They are easy to do on your own; If the game is obscure, it's not too much work to take a part of the cover and crop it, or even just write the title in a nice font on a colored background, in the worst case scenario. It is also fairly simple to auto-generate them in a way that doesn't look too bad (feature request for the next version of LB?). It also looks good (I personally like the banners on Steam), and resizes more easily (even at small sizes, banners usually stay legible, which cannot be always said of covers). Thus, though not terribly important, I think it would be useful if the options (or a front-end switch near the search box) allowed to choose between "games covers" or "game banners".
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