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Request: Please add language and (max) player info to database


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Hi, first thank you very much for this great app. I really love it! I would love to see the features mentioned in the topic as it would be much easier to find 1,2... player games (also thegamesdb has this info for many games) and to see if its the english or german version of Monkey Island. Example how it could look like: Screenshot
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Very nice news. Thanks alot. Kiss Another thing that comes to my mind is something like a custum config / custom id field for ScummVM. Example: If I add the german version of Simon the Sorcerer 2 I still get some english words in the inventory of the game. It is because the game is recognized with the id "simon2" in Launchbox but it has the id "simon2-de" in ScummVM. Like this Launchbox also doesnt apply changes that I make in ScummVM (for example show text and speech of a game). I can fix this problem if I open the LaunchBox.xml file and search for the game and change the ScummVM id into "simon2-de". Like this the game is correctly related with ScummVM. But if I open the game profile in Launchbox again and save it the info is lost again. It is a little inconvenient like this. A solution could be to tell Launchbox the exact id of a game instead of just "Simon the Sorcerer 2". It is not only a problem with different languages than english, for example I had to do the same for the FM Towns version of Loom which would have crashed otherwise.
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Ah, I see. Didn't realize there were items that weren't found in that list. It'd be nice if I could find a truly exhaustive list to use. Regardless, ScummVM does need some work yet for further customization options. I'll see if I can bump it up on my radar. Thanks, Jason
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