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You may wanna chech this out: Square Enix Tech Demo for DirectX 12 | WITCH - Chapter 0 [cry]


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I found this to be impressive, especially relative to our early days of 8-bit computing, 256 (or less) colors, giant pixels, etc. Smile I suppose this is a DirectX 12 demo, but also a plug for Square Enix. Fair enough. Anyway, if you watch it (it's just under 4 minutes), be sure to switch to HD, and perhaps full-screen, too. The beginning is sub-titled, but that only lasts for about 40 seconds, then the audio is in English. Towards the end it gets a bit techie (shaders, polygons, etc.), but you'll still probably appreciate the graphics, even if you don't know what the guy's talking about (as I didn't). Confused What was insane, was the "in-game play" looks like a cut-scene! Oh, yah! Smile Click here for the demo.
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