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Hi. I have some ideas to make Launchbox even more complete. 1 - Insert "Star Rating" on Bulk Editing. It's a pain to insert star rating one at once in this app. 2 - Make a new standard field for size (in MB) of game. 3 - The "size field" when used on "Arrange by" mode, sort the games from the bigger on top and smaller at the bottom. When i create a size custom field it will arrange at weird fashion. If i have 3 games, game 1 with 200 mb size, game 2 with 500 mb size and game 3 with 40 gb (aprox. 40000 mb), the app sort it in a weird order (game 1, game 3, game 2). It will be so helpful to people like me, that has constrained storage space and play games majority by size to open room for new games, Laugh It is possible to make any of this ideas happen soon? Thanks!
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Hi AFaustini, welcome. Per #1, for sure, I'll get this added. Per #2 and 3, that raises a good point; how can we customize the sort order on custom fields, hmm. I have to limit the number of fields we add to the main interface because I don't want to make it too bloated. That said, we do need a decent solution to the custom sorting thing. I'll add that to my list. :)
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