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Patch for TheGamesDB's cover art mistakes


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Hey all, Since I got into organizing my collection with LaunchBox, I've been trying to put everything I do onto TheGamesDB so that everyone else can benefit from my effort. However, TheGamesDB doesn't really have a way to upload a new box art image for a game that already has box art; if someone uploads garbage, everyone is stuck with that garbage because there don't seem to be any active moderators on the site. So, where I couldn't make corrections on TheGamesDB, I've been putting my covers in this folder: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9TlHhAutWS-YnJfQmxJVFgxOTg#grid Some of the covers are fan-made, some are official covers, and some I have no clue the origins of. These images are all just meant to fix games where TheGamesDB has a bad image (i.e. obnoxious border, low quality, just the Steam banner, etc). The folder will keep growing as I keep cleaning up more and more of my library. Anyway, hope someone finds this useful! :)
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By the way, soon after the official release of 5.0 with Big Box Mode, I'll be focusing on a much improved metadata system. It'll contain all of TGDB's data from the start, but will let users upload their entire collection of metadata all at once, directly from inside of LaunchBox. So it'll become pretty exhaustive pretty quickly I think. So a solution is coming. :)
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