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retroarch save individual settings?


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i just replaced all the emulators with retroarch, and im a super retroarch noob. when you open the menu by pressing the guide button or f1, you can load custom shaders. for example i was playing game gear , and i set a preset shader of a gamegear border, but it puts the same border on every other platform. i already checked configuration per core, any way to load individual shaders like that for each platform?
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This has been covered before on the forums, I will say that. Otherwise make you changes and make sure they're correct. Press F1 while everything is changed based on the default settings and on the first main tab go down and hit "save new config". Above that the name of the config will change to the new one. Open your config folder and copy the name of the file followed by .cfg. Open LB, go to Manage Emulators and edit RetroArch. At the top, second tab open Associated Platforms. You'll see a list of console names in the left column and a command in the middle column. -L means to load a specific core for each system, don't touch these unless you want to change the core you are using. Right after you'll put -C then "config\_______.cfg" For example the entire line should look like this: Sega CD -L "cores\genesis_plus_gx_libretro.dll" -c "config\genesis_plus_gx_libretro-2.cfg" This loads the core then the config file and everything that doesn't have -c will keep using your Default RA one. Just load up the new core, make your changes, "save new config" then repeat.
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