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Hi, I'm a new poster and I'd like to take the chance to thank you for the great work for launchbox, it's a great tool for any gaming fan. Though there some features/tweaks I'd like to see added. - More Sorting options in Big Box Mode It would be nice to have alternate grouping, sorting an filter options in Big Box mode, also please make it so Big Box makes use of sort title field for sorting games. - Ability to play videos in the sidebar It would be cool to see the videos outside of Big Box mode, maybe they can placed where the first screenshot goes, with an option to auto-play or manual play. - Alternate Mass Edit When Mass Editing you select which values you want for a specific field and it replaces all the current ones, there should be an alternate mode when you just add values without removing the previous ones. - Mass Edit of Custom Fields I like the ability to add custom fields but without the ability to mass edit in a large library it's too much work to setup. -Custom Fields in Custom Filters - Option for multidisc games Many console games have multiple discs and having 3-4 entries of the same game to me looks kind of ugly, maybe you could add an option where you can group many entries into 1 and when you play it you must first choose which one. Again thanks for the great work Kiss
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Hi @Beruchan13, welcome and thanks much. :) #1 is a current focus and should at least be improved for the next release. #2 should be coming soon as well, though maybe not for the next release. #3, good idea. I'll add it to my list. #4 and #5 are planned, and just keep getting pushed aside. Hopefully I can tackle these soon. #6 is currently best handled using Additional Applications. Thanks!
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