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Thank you and a wee thought on Big Box's Library list.


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Hello, First I love the app and just became a very happy premium member tonight. I have had an idea for Big Box since I first encountered it 2 weeks ago. For large libraries ( 400+ steam titles XD ) the current long scroll down list seems a little cumbersome. Would it be possible to code in a little different menu model? My thought on this is basically- - #ABCDEFG - # A B | | | X Y Z The upper menu portion could work with controls moving right and left. It would not need to display the alphabet all at once instead maybe 5-7 characters surrounded by arrows or a fade out. Moving side to side would change to the first title with the corresponding letter (# - Z) this 'upper menu' could also change to an appropriate letter when using normal up and down controls as the user passes into a new alphabetical listing. I realise that this could change the interaction with the system and recent list menu but the idea could apply only to library list view maybe. Anyways just a little idea. Im sure you will come up with something great and I'm really looking forward to features and improvements as things move forward. Smile Thank you. Wildeheart
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Thank you Wildeheart, I agree that the it gets cumbersome when the list of games is long. I do plan to implement something of that nature to improve the navigation, hopefully soon. Back when we were brainstorming with the community the same strategy for navigation came up, so it sounds like that's probably a good approach. :)
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Sorry to continue this on if you have been discussing this elsewhere but in reading Nathan's post https://www.launchbox-app.com/forum/collections/interactive-fiction and Jason's response on a 'change mode' button it had me thinking on this again. Maybe use a similar side to side menu choice in Big Box at the system menu side where the 'top menu' option is for media type scrolling. Then when in the 'Game/System' menu and a system is selected it drops the user to the recent list where they are presented with a recent or Library choice where right to left browses the recent choices and pgup pgdwn selects from the recent or library menu option or vice versa. To translate this to Launchbox maybe have a 'Media ' drop down next to the 'platform' drop down in the left pane and have the same media types display in the text menu across the top like 'Game' since there is a lot of room across there. Cheers
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