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Big Box not working to launch on Nvidia Shield TV/Gamestream Service


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UPDATE: I can now use BigBox and Launchbox via Gamestream quite well. You use the virtual keyboard to select in Bigbox and it allows you to play the game and then controls work as you have mapped them in the emulator config. What it still doesn't do is allow you to play anything from Bigbox that is an exe. So I can play all my rom games that end in .smc and .iso etc but any Windows or Steam Games that don't use an emulator and end in .exe will not launch. You have to go out of Bigbox and go into the Steam bit. I wanted BigBox to work as an all in one but I guess I have that ability by using it on my PC as is. UPDATE END I cannot move up and down the list using my Nvidia Shield TV gamepad. It allows me to press y for a Virtual keyboard which then allows me to navigate but when I press play the screen does not change to the game I selected. So I cannot play. I have added BigBox to Steam as a non steam game so I can use it. I tried with a similar product and it works no problem even using Nvidia Controller to play as well. I believe that if I connected an Xbox One/360 controller wirelessly to my PC it will work but I cant afford that so is there another solution using what I have? Thanks I am going to try normal launchbox adding to Steam to see if I can control and play that way. Its really cool idea to be able to play any game on the big TV!
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