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  1. Hi Is there a font size option in Big Box? I am using my Nvidia Shield to stream Bigbox from my PC. Using various themes but the font size is a bit too small for the 55" TV! It maybe because my PC is 4K but my Nvidia out put is 1080p? How do I make the font size bigger please?
  2. Hi Just wondering if we could have an option for both date formats please? European format = dd/mm/yyyy US format = mm/dd/yyyy Thanks
  3. Amazing new views. This is a top theme!
  4. Thanks Grila, all seems working now in 7.5. OK something else: For my example below I am saying there are 3 views in BB: 1) Platform View 2) Games View 3) Game Details View (optional - can have enabled or disabled via settings) I usually have 'skip game details view' enabled for other themes (as other themes have the details on the games view screen like notes/description, last played, etc) but if it is enabled on yours I cannot access all that information on Game Details view as it just loads straight into the game
  5. Don't rush Grila, your work is fantastic but your kids need time with their dad. I will look for an update when you are ready.
  6. My 7.5 stable BB has issues running the latest version of this theme. Anyone else?
  7. I create a shortcut to the game and use that for LB.
  8. Make Doom 2 into Brutal Doom 2 and run it with Launchbox. You setup GZDoom as an Emulator. You add the game you want into Launchbox by searching metadata of original game ex: Doom 2 (You can then edit later the title to Brutal Doom 2 and add custom images from internet) Once done you goto to your GZDoom folder. On the root of the folder you need to have all your files there, not in their own folders. Make a new text file and call it Brutal Doom 2 @echo off d:\GZDoom\gzdoom.exe -file DOOM2.WAD brutalv20b.pk3 Chang
  9. fixed it with 7.1 official. Although still can only get Background music to play and not platform specific to play music....
  10. I am using beta4 7.1 and I cannot figure out how to make BB play my music for games list view. I have added an mp3 into Launchbox/Music/Super Nintendo Entertainment System folder for example but when I'm in BB I hear nothing. I have ticked all the right settings in BB under Sound options. Can someone help me get sound for Game List view? Is there a file naming issue or a certain size limit?
  11. Hi Using VLC as the default video player I can only get platform videos to work by going into a platform and into the games list and coming out to the platform menu again. The video will work. If I scroll to the next platform the video doesn't appear but the sound does and I have to keep repeating the process. If I use WMP as my default video then it works great on your theme. Win 10. I would say VLC support is still broken.
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