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Hello Gang. I am trying to get launchbox to launch the spectrum emulator Speculator. I can not get it to set it up and import the roms / games as an emulator as its not on the lists for a spectrum, even though I pick import zx spectrum as the emulator type. At the moment I am trying it as a single game and the game I want to launch is Roller Coaster. I can get it to launch speculator and it does that, but then I have to launch the game from within it. Is there anyway I can make it launch straight into Roller Coaster and then I can use this method for other favorite spectrum games? I have it set up like this - Application path = D:\Arcade\Spectrum\Spectaculator.exe Application Command line Parameters = Roller_Coaster Configuration Application Path = C:\Users\Public\Documents\Spectaculator\Game Pack\Roller_Coaster.zip Thats where the game is located. I had hoped I could just import all the games from one folder and set the to run on speculator like I did with MAME but I dont know how or if you can do that. Can anyone help me out please??
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Hi davros01. I'm using Spectaculator with LaunchBox without any problems. You can set it as an emulator and it will launch your games when you click the boxart covers. No special commands are needed. It will handle games that are zipped or extracted. See attached images. Your paths will be different of course.
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