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I saw the guide to add animated gif I did not understand anything I think you should create a GUI that allows you to make changes to background at the time I was not able to d insert animated gif in the background platform (Unfortunately we are not all programmers :) ) Maybe someone who has managed to add gif in the background can do a "better" guide Thank Jason for your great work :)
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Congratulations for guide. I would like to ask you a question "Who do not understand English spoken as you understand what you say in the guide?" why not create a guide with a text file, so if you want I can translate it into Italian and if other people of other nationalities are available can also be translated into other languages. Your guides are excellent but privileggiano only people who understand the English language spoken. This does not seem right towards people of other nationalities who have purchased regular license big box. ps: I should point out that I only expressed my opinion, I am a person who bought a regular license of big box Laugh
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hello jason I managed to insert animated gif but I saw that working on such xaml file (PlatformWheelImageVideoThumbsFiltersView) the animated gif will always be the same for all the background of the platforms you can put animated gifs different background for each platform? I should insert an animated banner for each platform (animated gif) differently instead of static banner that there is default how can I do? because if I try to change the default banner image with banner animated gif image shows me only static image? you can add the option to add different animated banner? I hope I have explained well what I would do and what the problem is. Unfortunately I do not speak English well example Heberger image
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