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Hotkeys on Nestopia?


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So I have all my NES games in 7zip folders. Cool right!? Nestopia is nice enough to have them their for me to play and a little dialouge box to help see which one I want. It helps me sort through all the fan translations, the hacks, the trains, sprite swaps, etc. I highly recommend it. I couldn't do it any other way. But heres the thing (it's a niche complaint but really kinda frusterating). I am playing with a controller. Not with a keyboard. I want to sort through this dialouge box since when I purchased Big Box which was advertised to be a hometheater set-up. There is a hotkey option which is the solution that won't have me unpack all my roms and get all the artwork again. If i could change the 'right thumstick' to scroll through that pop up window I would be soooooo0oooooo happy. Litteraly exstatic. So if any tips (to change the control settings to these options would be greatly, greatly appreciated! Please and thank you! right thumbstick y+ = up directional pad up right thumbstick y- = down directional pad down 2. A select hotkey would be sooooo cool if I knew how to do that as well. The right click thingy. 3. The escaping sucks. I found another user who had some part of the code to excape. I found someone else who managed to excape via the excape key instead of what was originally the alt x keys. This info is probably needly but it shows that it is possible with one key. RButton::esc ; ----= [ .Esc = Alt-F4 toggle ] =---- +Esc:: Hotkey, Esc, Toggle Return ; ========================================= ; ----= [ .Esc = Alt-F4 ] =---- Esc:: SetTitleMatchMode, 2 IfWinNotActive, Firefox Send !{F4} Else { Click left 760, 65 Send ^w } Return ; ========================================= -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------dcroll.pngkg.png
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