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  1. so i renamed the game file to "Actraiser 2 (USA).smc" and now it works. But now im going to have to download a whole new romset just to get my bezels working ? is there a better way?
  2. I am having trouble with bezels I put them in the right directory and Im pretty sure they are labeled fine. Its just not working. The file name for the game is something like "3 Ninja's Kick Back (U)" that wouldnt confuse the program right? Am I supposed to configure a specific directory in retroarch? I tried a couple different directories. Plz help.
  3. MFW I havent updated in awhile and Launchbox offers another quality release
  4. I may have messed something up! Here is the error and log. Its when I open a new game in NullDC from launchbox.
  5. I have dual monitors. Which means I can have the marquee displayed on one and the Big Box menu on the other. I want MAME to open on my 2nd screen but it keeps opening up on the 1st. I dont know how to go about doing this. MAME is the only emulator that seems to be doing this. Please, I need some help!
  6. Those dev streams were awesome. It really brought the community together I think. Does he still do it? When? (I miss Jason's bright and shiny face).
  7. Bugs are lame. People who works so hard to fix and update launchbox into my favorite program are not lame at all!!! In fact they are super cool. You are cool sir. Im sorry if this was already reported. I just wanted to do my part in improving LB. Here's to you Mods and Jason. Keep up the good work!!!
  8. So You know the detail screen that pops up on the right side showing retro achievements whenever you select a game on desktop mode of launch box? I keep getting an error every time I open. The problem seems to stem from retro achievements and their site shuting down for maitenence or whatever. I think LB should be autonomous from others if others take a fall. I ran both the Beta version (latest) and the most stable version. But i managed to get it working in the meantime by disconnecting the internet.
    Truly doing the Royal Majesty proud. 5 stars
  9. How does it feel being the coolest kid I know? @Ya dad
  10. Hey! @Jason Carr just wondering how music box is going to take form through launchbox in the future and how and in what capasity? Any plans?
  11. I thought that was the solution. Thank you so much
  12. I flew to close to the sun. I closed out of the updater and the next time i open launchbox I get a error message. HELP. Will I ever launchbox again?
  13. I noticed this too. Th loading bar just seems to stop when it reaches 99 percent.
  14. Nope,thanks for trying to help out but im still getting the bar up top I also tried -hide_menubar but that didnt work either.
  15. Yes, Mister Monkus it comes straight from the Retro Acheivement website.
  16. Hey, just trying out the AWESOME new RA feature. Im currently using the emulator RASNES9x, (simply the RASNES9X emulator with retro achievements) but I cant get the top bar to go away. Everytime I open a game I have to manually close the top bar. Is there a way to prevent this through a command line? If you dont know what i am talking about, check out the illustration down below... THANK YOu
  17. A way to sink up to every single launchbox in the world to form Voltron
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