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Merging developers/publishers?


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It sure would be nice to have some functionality to merge versions of a developer or publisher. For example, we now have "Blizzard", "Blizzard Entertainment", "Blizzard Entertainment Inc.", and "Blizzard Entertainment, Inc." - 4 different entries for one company. Even worse, "Broderbrund Software", "Broderbund", "Brøderbund", "Broderbund France", "Broderbund Software", "Brøderbund Software", "Brøderbund Software, Inc.", "Brøderbund Software, Inc." - 8 entries for one company. Of course, we can manually edit the Developer and Publisher fields in every affected game, but this takes a lot of time and effort both for the person who makes the edits and the person who reviews/approves them. Any better solutions would be greatly appreciated :)
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Yep, we recognize that this has been a problem because we got the data from the GamesDB. We will be looking at ways to do something about that, as well as allow users to potentially add some of their own. Merging and using the Alternate Naming scheme that I've come up with may work in this case, because all of those names could be valid. Besides maybe a misplaced period or comma, at one point in time the Development studio could have been anyone of those names and published or developed a game under that name. So it is kind of a hard place to be in, because they're mostly valid.
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