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  1. Looks like something went slightly wrong with sort titles in this version (just discovered the issue, not sure when exactly this happened). Originally, the sort titles went in this order: for example, "Deus Ex 1", "Deus Ex 2", "Deus Ex 3", "Deus Ex 3.1", "Deus Ex 4" Now, the game auto sorts them like this: "Deus Ex 1", "Deus Ex 2", "Deus Ex 3", "Deus Ex 4", "Deus Ex 3.1" Something broken recently, or working as intended?
  2. Can we please have these removed from the database? https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/developers/games/832 and https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/developers/games/238 (variations of https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/developers/details/1327, contain no games) https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/developers/games/9096 (variation of https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/developers/games/9161, contains no games) Thank you!
  3. Downloaded Beta 13 — great work, guys! Still, could you please fix the left sidebar spacing in LB Next? It is unnecessarily huge now.
  4. @DaveC, I second that. The spacing in the left column of LB.Next is too big.
  5. Adjustable sidebar width, that's great news! I really prefer my sidebar narrow. However, the sidebar now looks a bit weird, as if an area right below the icons is occupied by something invisible, and the game name wraps to the left. Looks kind of unnatural.Not sure if this behavior is new in Next 8.3; but I never noticed it before. Probably it could be changed?
  6. It's getting worse... Metal Gear Solid 3 for Windows? Fortran, a construction sim by Nintendo? Really? I like to help out with moderation from time to time, but with hundreds of absurd entries in the moderation queue, it's really too much. Something should be done about it soon, please.
  7. @lotus Yes that's exactly it! Tested it now. If any platform is specified, scraping works OK. If the platform is empty, it won't scrape. Thanks a lot
  8. @Jason Carr, one LaunchBox\Metadata\Metadata.xml coming right up! Hope this helps. Metadata.zip
  9. @Jason Carr, aaaaand the bug strikes back immediately upon upgrade to 7.15beta. Please let me know how I can be of help.
  10. @Jason Carr, no problem, I'll clone my LB install now and upgrade it to 7.11 beta. If/when the scrape bug hits again, I'll be glad to share whatever information I can.
  11. Jason, I have no idea how this could be reproduced. In all previous cases, it went like this: I upgrade from 7.10 release to 7.11 beta, play around with it for couple of days, everything works great, then scraping just stops without a warning. Regardless of what I type in "add new game" dialog, I never get any hits in gamesDB, only in Wikipedia. Tried searching for "a" — still no hits Once the scraping stops, it stays this way forever. The only way to fix it is to go back to 7.10.
  12. I had the same experience with 7.11. Everything is working ok for a couple of days, then GamesDB scraping stops, for no reason, no error messages, just stops. This happened to me several times on different 7.11 betas. Had to roll back to 7.10 release.
  13. Cyrillic fonts are broken as well. Any names I provide for Russian games are transformed into ?????? ??? ????? Would be very nice to see this small issue fixed.
  14. Same here. The error occurs with "Heart of China" for Amiga. The submission says "Release Date: Invalid date", so maybe that's the source of the problem?
  15. Yes, that was one of things I hoped for when I paid for LB license. It's not a complaint, far from it The app is absolutely awesome! (and getting even better) Just wanted to add that it'd be nice to see some metadata edit functionality in the list view, or at least column view customization, as mentioned above.
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