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Audio issue with launchbox on a particular rom


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Wasn't sure if i should stick this in the noob section as I had just purchased and began playing around with launchbox today. I'm very impressed so far by not only the software but also the devs dedication and passion for his project and his customers. I was instantly sold. I had one very minor issue, only came across it once so far. I just loaded all my nes roms as my first system added. Was editing out duplicates when i picked my Challenge of the Dragon rom. Instead of game music it played what i can only describe as very loud garbled electronic noise. Not sure if its a common thing or maybe it's just me. Is there a way to permanently disable the game music for a single game? I do like the game music playing in the menu option and would like to keep it on if it is in fact only this game that has issues.
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Yea this isn't normal. We think it might be coming from EmuMovies directly as some users report the song playing like that outside of LaunchBox as well. The best way to remove that song is to open the music folder in LaunchBox, then navigate to the system that has the offending sound. Find the game from the list and just delete it. There is no way to block that single game from not downloading unless you edit it and uncheck the boxes during download. The bulk downloader wont skip it though. We are also working on volume controls inside of LaunchBox, so when you come across this again (there are a few saddly), at least the volume will be lower. You can turn LB down from your Windows Volume Mixer if you'd like as a workaround. Welcome by the way and if you have more questions feel free to ask.
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