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Move games from one platform to another?


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Is it possible to move a game entry from one platform to another platform? I was looking at the Archimedes database http://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/platforms/games/74 and noticed that 6 of the games aren't even Archimedes games. 3D Bomb Alley, 3D Dotty, All World Boxing, Blagger, Boffin & Snapper are all BBC Micro/Electron games. Also a new platform should be created for the BBC Micro https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_Micro Although a lot of Electron games will work on the BBC Micro, not all of them will and the BBC Micro had some that won't work on an Electron.
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Do you mean move them on the Database? No not yet. Do you mean in LaunchBox? Sure, of course, and Scrape As helps a lot in this regard too. The Database sub-forum has discussions on what we need to add, and so does our LaunchBox Games Database BitBucket. If the console hasn't already been requested there, you're more than welcome to request it yourself.
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