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  1. Here's the highest res scan I could create in the hopes it will help whoever decides to do this logo.
  2. If it's the battle.net version then it's actually for Windows and so the above steps won't work (but give the above steps a try in case it is the DOS version). Of course it might just be easier buying it from GOG.
  3. You can kinda hide it (it still shows up in the taskbar) by creating a shortcut to the .bat file, then right click on the shortcut, click properties, and then under the shortcut tab, select run: minimised This way you won't get the black console window actually popping up on the screen. Oh, and afterwards, don't forget to point Launchbox to the shortcut rather than the bat file itself.
  4. I'd just like to add that LaunchBox recently stopped working for me on my GPD Win 3. Following the advice above I uninstalled both Visual C++ 2015-2019 and then reinstalled LB over the top of my existing installation and it's now working again.
  5. As I posted on another thread here, for HOTD 3, just google for HotD_3_AutoStart.
  6. BigBox intro videos unfortunately don't work on the GPD Win 3 (even with updated drivers). To get the other videos working, go into BigBox Options > Videos > and change the playback engine to Windows Media Player and they should start working.
  7. Search on Google for HotD_3_AutoStart
  8. Options > Visuals > Backgrounds > Default > then choose to your preference.
  9. What is the full path of your roms? I'm wondering if there is an accented character in your path that LB doesn't like.
  10. It does actually run under Windows 10 as far as I can remember, but you'd need a cracked exe as the copy protection doesn't work. This isn't something we can help youi with here. Seriously though, your best option is to buy the extended version of the game on Steam which works perfectly fine.
  11. Age of Mythology is a Windows game...Why are you trying to run it under dosbox in the first place?
  12. Judging from the other post the user made it looks very much like a spambot to me.
  13. There's only one version of Gauntlet for the NES, yes there were 2 releases but it's exactly the same game and so warrants only one db entry.
  14. 100% agree. Screenshots should never ever be jpg. PNG should be pretty much the only format used for screenshots. Upscaled png screenshots are fine as long as it's a direct multiple of it's native resolution 320x240>640x480>1280x960 etc Scans should preferably be jpg.
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