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  1. At a guess I'd say you've marked the first set of games as favourites which is why they're showing up first. You can turn this behaviour off by looking in options > views
  2. Taken from the dosbox compatibility list
  3. I didn't do this but I found it on my HD. edit: I've just submitted it to the database as well
  4. I've only tried this with the European version but if you go into retroarch's options under the quick menu and turn dynamic recompilers off, the game seems to work fine after that (although I only played to round 2).
  5. Belgarath

    Platform Names

    When using the import feature on Android, I noticed a few problems with the inbuilt platform names. There's NEC TurboGrafx-16 and NEC TurboGrafx-CD but there's also TurboGrafx-16 and TurboGrafx-CD listed as well Sharp X6800 is listed but it should be Sharp X68000
  6. Fruit Machines are games, I can't see how anyone could think they are not games.. Although Ideally they should have a seperate platform for them such as Pinball has.
  7. Not really, I stalk you wherever you go
  8. No KG, you can't add them as seperate titles and if there are European versions in the database which already exist in their US form then the European version should be deleted. What really needs to be done is have the ability to scrape the appropriate titles when we're scraping for information, we can already add alternate titles for different regions and we can set LaunchBox to scrape the priotised region artwork...but not the title..The only person who can make this change is @Jason Carr but he's got a lot of other things on his todo list at the moment..
  9. Go to config > video mode If it's set to TV then change it to Auto, if that doesn't work then change to VGA (you'll have to close demul and restart if for the changes to take effect) If you've still got problems then without a game loaded, go to config > plugins and paths Then change the video plugin from gpuDX11 to gpuDX11old
  10. For After Burner you need disk 1 in the first floppy drive and disk 2 in the 2nd drive. You'll still get the black screen with music but the game will come on within 30 seconds.
  11. The 1199 is the SPS release number used to create the install http://www.softpres.org/ Fast means the install uses the Amiga's Fastram which is generally better 1MB means it's the 1MB version of the game instead of the 512k version so again it should be better AGA is the later chipset for Amigas so again generally the better version The version numbers refer to the WHDLoad patch, so version 1.4 may have fixed some problems that were present in 1.3 Oh and NTSC means it's the American version.
  12. remove the : after directserial e.g. serial1=directserial realport:COM1
  13. Just to say I'm using Windows 7 and don't have this problem.
  14. It just takes a little while for LaunchBox to sync with changes made with the online database, it only does it once a day (not sure what time) so because it was a recent change you'll just have to wait a little bit longer.
  15. Belgarath

    sega cd 32x

    The first disc is the Sega CD disc, the second is the CD 32x Disc. Reason you have to put in the first disc regardless is probably due to some attempt at copy protection.
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