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  1. Belgarath

    Coming soon, Neo Geo Marquees v2.0

    I like Night Mode #3 (slight glow added on brighter/white colors) looks more realistic to me compared to 2 and 4 just seems too washed out. p.s. I tend not to comment much, but I have to say if I haven't already that you've done some really amazing work here, major kudos to you sir!
  2. Just getting the spinning loading logo here as well with FF, working fine on Chrome.
  3. Belgarath

    commodore amiga help

    I don't know about FS-UAE but with WinUAE the capsimg.dll goes in the emulator parent folder, not the plugins folder. WHDLoad is the better route to go down though, IPFs are great but remember if the game has off disk copy protection you''ll be having to look up codes in the manual.
  4. Belgarath

    Creativision Help

    Press scroll lock first, then you should be able to press tab to bring up the mame menu.
  5. Belgarath

    Apple IIGS eff you! lol

    Typically you wouldn't use flop1 or flop2 at all, those drives (and the supported disk formats) are generally for Apple II software, if you're just interested in the IIGS then its flop3 and 4 you want to be using.
  6. Belgarath

    Retroarch (Neogeo & capcon) will not load

    Are people copying and pasting this from somewhere? If we can find the original post and edit it, hopefully it will stop this error from happening again.
  7. Belgarath

    Mame not working

    If a MAME game doesn't work properly then MAME will tell you, if the game doesn't start at all and just goes back to launchbox straight away then you're probably missing files, in the case of Street Fighter Alpha you are probably missing the qsound bios, google it, place it where your other mame bios files are (or you can put it in your mame roms directory) and Street Fighter Alpha and a few other Capcom games should start working.
  8. Belgarath

    Mame not working

    Those are the general player 1 controls, you need to go to other controls and set start to player 1 start and select to coin 1 (or whatever buttons you want). If you're having problems with a specific game, when the game is loaded just hit tab and select "input (this machine)" so you can see what controls that particular game uses and bind them how you like.
  9. Belgarath

    NEO GEO MVS AES, Retroarch, Game wont boot

    The MVS line also has slanted speech marks. Seriously, I've zoomed into the pic and they are clearly not standard speech marks on the end of the neo geo platforms, they are slightly slanted, try and replace the end speech mark with one copied from another line and see if that works.
  10. Belgarath

    NEO GEO MVS AES, Retroarch, Game wont boot

    It might be my eyes, but the " at the end of your neogeo platforms don't look like the other " for the other platforms.
  11. Belgarath

    Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    Moderators go in blind, we don't see how many has accepted or rejected and we certainly don't see reasons why another moderator rejected a submission, neither does the submitter see why a moderator rejected a game unless the game is completely rejected.
  12. Belgarath

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics

    Thank you very much sir, didn't expect you to fix it so fast. Keep up the excellent work!
  13. Belgarath

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics

    Awesome work, I downloaded a few of your videos yesterday and was very impressed with them, one problem with the FM Towns video though, it's a great video but the gameplay footage of Zak looks like it's the Amiga version, it's certainly not the FM Towns version which is heck of a lot more colourful (see screenshot below).
  14. Belgarath

    Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    Or how about this wonderful entry, gta v the adventure for the NEC PC88 suitable for early childhood... This isn't a mistake, this is deliberate bad information. Help us Obi- @Jason Carr you're our only hope.