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  1. Belgarath

    I'm having a problem with Kat5200?

    It's stored in your appdata folder, type %appdata% into an explorer window and it should come up (on Windows 7 at least).
  2. Belgarath

    Show ONLY Games without box art

    If you audit your games you can then sort them by box art, then if you select the ones without any box art images you can right click and edit them all at the same time, tick something you dont use like hidden or portable for example Then create a playlist and auto populate it with games that have whatever field you chose and you should get a playlist of all your games missing box art.
  3. If you took everything on the box which looks like it's name then it's actual name would be Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Video Game: Dragons of Flame - A Dragonlance­™ Action Game But it's not..It's Dragons of Flame
  4. That's the pirated versions ARR!
  5. Anyone who puts AD&D in front of those titles should be whipped, anyone who's approved those titles should be whipped harder.. The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons part should really be added as a series, it's definitely not part of the name, although for whatever reason, even though there's a series field in Launchbox it just seems to be pre-populated with not many series at all to be honest and there's sadly no series field on the online database.
  6. Belgarath

    Bad Old Monkey

    Likewise I already have it installed but just downloaded again and the file is absolutely fine. Perhaps you should check your HD for errors
  7. Belgarath

    Visual Pinball - Setup?

    I use Visual Pinball X with Launchbox, it's pretty much the same setup as above but you should add -play to the default command-line parameters
  8. Belgarath

    How do I Mount a folder first then launch a game?

    Not tried it but yeh that should work.
  9. Belgarath


    An absolutely superb theme, the amount of work that has gone into this is incredible. Congratulations to all who helped put this together! edit: Oh and if you don't have a video snap for a game, then it will actually make a slideshow out of all your screenshots for the game instead of showing just one.. So I actually rate this 6 stars!
  10. Belgarath

    Atari 7800??

    I've not used ProSystem in quite some time, but I still had it installed, set Launchbox to use it and it works, did this all in about 2 minutes.
  11. Belgarath

    ZX Spin like spectrum emulator, don't startup.

    Did you try deleting the spin.ini as well? Also are the games you are trying to load asscociated with Spin? If they were associated with Fuse before, changing the default emulator won't change the emulator for games already added.
  12. Belgarath

    ZX Spin like spectrum emulator, don't startup.

    I don't like the Fuse core and much prefer ZX Spin. There's no special command line needed though. Here's my setup in Launchbox. However I do remember having problems with it at first..if it still doesn't work with the setup below, try deleting the spin.ini from the emulator directory, the ini will be recreated once you run the emulator.
  13. Belgarath

    Alternative Game Gear emulators?

    Chase HQ works fine in Retroarch with the Genesis GX core as well, I can't see Mickey Mouse having emulation problems either, at this stage I'm suspecting you have bad roms.
  14. Belgarath

    Alternative Game Gear emulators?

    Can you list which games you are having problems with?
  15. Belgarath

    PC-Booter Disk Images

    You could just make a batch file with the command needed, you'll need a batch file for each game and place it in the correct game directory so for the above make a .bat file call it sservice.bat or something and in the batch file put boot "Silent Service (198x)(Microprose).img" then just add the bat file into launchbox.