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  1. Belgarath

    Some Media Not Populating

    If you provide some screenshots we might be able to get an idea of what's gone wrong. Things like one of the problem games selected, the 'other' tab when you edit the game
  2. Belgarath

    Sega Saturn Rom Versions

    https://assemblergames.com/threads/official-rhea-discussion.57377/page-30#post-956120 It's a Saturn programming Forum (no illegal content for any mods watching)
  3. Belgarath

    Sega Saturn Rom Versions

    Found this explanation on a forum "Most of those numbers are disc pressing codes. Many games were popular enough that they had to make a lot of manufacturing runs, but those runs may have had some slight differences. Redump indicates these by the ring code. The actual game data is same for all of those, the difference is mostly in small things, like one audio file being different, or offset by a few bits or something like that. So just pick one and play."
  4. Belgarath

    Some Media Not Populating

    Is that the only video not showing up? Have you got videos set to autoplay in LaunchBox? Do you have a licence for LaunchBox? The video features don't work on the free version.
  5. Belgarath

    Sega Saturn Rom Versions

    As far as I know they are version numbers, I tend to choose the higher ones but I've never found a comprehensive explanation as to what they mean
  6. Belgarath

    Imported Roms Not Showing Up

    Ring King may be showing up under King of Boxer as that's the parent set.
  7. Belgarath

    Neo Geo Pocket does not start roms

    Have you tried MAME?
  8. Belgarath

    Neo Geo Pocket does not start roms

    As far as I can tell vdmgr does not have command line support so you cannot use it with a frontend.
  9. Belgarath

    xpadder profil not work the first time

    Just keep Xpadder open, it won't do any harm, I keep mine open all the time and just set profiles for certain apps/emulators
  10. Belgarath

    9.3-beta-1 Released

    There's something going on with the database server, I know @Jason Carr looked at it recently but at the time he didn't see anything wrong (and to be fair it did seem to go ok again for a while) but there's definitely something wrong, people are having problems refreshing in launchbox, moderating, scraping etc.
  11. Belgarath

    Neo Geo CD

    I've Just downloaded mess 0.204 looks like its looking for files that aren't present in most neocdz.zip that are found on the internet. Try an older version of MESS like 0.197 which worked with the bios files I've got.
  12. Belgarath

    Neo Geo CD

    Looks right..Now I'm getting confused...Can you post a new screenshot of your roms directory
  13. Belgarath

    Wataroo - Launchbox setup

    MAME supports the Supervision, have you tried that?
  14. Belgarath

    Neo Geo CD

    post another screenshot of your mess.ini
  15. Belgarath

    Neo Geo CD

    You should be fine with the version of mess you are using but as I said you need neogeo.zip