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  1. I think he means from "My Collection" on the website, and as far as I can see you cannot delete games from your collection(s).
  2. Looks like you were unfortunate enough to choose a MAME version that broke IIGS emulation. I tried 0.259 and had exactly the same problems as you. It works with 0.251 (which is what I was using), and I've just updated it to 0.262 and it works in that as well.
  3. As far as I know (and I'll be very happy to be proven wrong) MAME is still the best choice when it comes to IIGS emulation. As for some games that don't work, a bunch of games aren't actually bootable so you need a HD setup with the OS installed or a boot disk with ProDOS on.
  4. You could just edit the .xml files with a text editor. find F:\ and replace with O:\ Symlinks are also good though. My LaunchBox thinks pretty much everything is on f: but my actual games are spread over 6 HDs. Edit: Even though LaunchBox makes backups, you still might want to manually backup your xml files first before editing them with a text editor.
  5. That doesn't even show the best one which is Phoenix, and apart from being slightly awkward to integrate into LaunchBox, it is actually great.
  6. I found this from another post in the forum somewhere, so full credit to that guy. So the one I use is: <coverFlow:FlowModel DataContext="{Binding ActiveGame}" RotationAxis="0.2,1,0" RotationAngle="0" CanManuallyRotate="True" FieldOfView="30" /> Make sure "designer friendly" is unticked. edit: it may have been C-Beats, I honestly can't remember.
  7. Like he says, it's actually his high score, but one he's not actually achieved. Also looking at it, it doesn't even match the format of the other high scores.
  8. Possibly a bit harsh, I think he's coming across badly because English isn't his first language. Also there are 2 different versions of Cabal which are coloured differently to each other, and the US version does have some sort of counter at the bottom of the screen.
  9. Stellar work as always. However isn't the box missing part of the title (unless it's a version I don't know about).
  10. Sorry, I can't let this go...it was Berk not Bert.
  11. I'd probably recommend using the status field because LaunchBox allows you to set different ones for additional versions/discs, which (as far as I know), you can't do with version/source or custom fields. Perhaps being able to add custom fields to additional versions etc could be implemented in the future though?
  12. Download the cores from Retroarch's buildbot. I Believe 1.9.11 is the last version that worked. Then just replace your existing px68k core with the old one. https://buildbot.libretro.com/stable/1.9.11/
  13. From what I can gather the problem is with the new core, it's a known problem, but the only advice seems to be use the old core. I tried loading up an X68k game today and had a black screen as you described, but switching to the older core it all started working again.
  14. E-commerce sites can be a great source of box images. eBay, Amazon, play-asia etc. That one was fron eBay.
  15. I'm not an artist (at all), but here's a quick n dirty cut out job I did. I've also attached a higher resolution scan of the box that I managed to find.
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