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  1. NEO GEO MVS AES, Retroarch, Game wont boot

    The MVS line also has slanted speech marks. Seriously, I've zoomed into the pic and they are clearly not standard speech marks on the end of the neo geo platforms, they are slightly slanted, try and replace the end speech mark with one copied from another line and see if that works.
  2. NEO GEO MVS AES, Retroarch, Game wont boot

    It might be my eyes, but the " at the end of your neogeo platforms don't look like the other " for the other platforms.
  3. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    Moderators go in blind, we don't see how many has accepted or rejected and we certainly don't see reasons why another moderator rejected a submission, neither does the submitter see why a moderator rejected a game unless the game is completely rejected.
  4. RetroHumanoid Cinematics

    Thank you very much sir, didn't expect you to fix it so fast. Keep up the excellent work!
  5. RetroHumanoid Cinematics

    Awesome work, I downloaded a few of your videos yesterday and was very impressed with them, one problem with the FM Towns video though, it's a great video but the gameplay footage of Zak looks like it's the Amiga version, it's certainly not the FM Towns version which is heck of a lot more colourful (see screenshot below).
  6. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    Or how about this wonderful entry, gta v the adventure for the NEC PC88 suitable for early childhood... This isn't a mistake, this is deliberate bad information. Help us Obi- @Jason Carr you're our only hope.
  7. McFilmMakers Cinematix

    Excellent Colecovision video, thanks very much for this, however I have noticed a small error. Instead of saying "plays Atari VCS" it says Attri instead.
  8. Yeh I've edited entries on Giant Bomb in the past, not done so for quite some time now though.
  9. Strange issue with the entry for Predator 2 for DOS

    The game has been submitted twice, there's https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/95712 Which is what Launchbox is finding and is the one with the disk/screenshot/logo and there's also https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/95713 Which is the one with the front, back and title.
  10. Perfectly valid, there's a few more gameboy games like that as well, the bugs bunny crazy castles are the same.
  11. Thanks @circo just one thing, it should be Ultra Vortek not Vortex
  12. Possible to download older version of Launchbox?

    Look in your Launchbox\Updates folder Older versions incl ver 7 are probably in there.
  13. Missing titles

    It does have an American title, Lightening Force. It's probably been imported under that name.