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Cant connect my Steelseries Stratus xl to Launchbox


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Hello. Im new to PC gaming and have been setting up my Bigbox for about a week now. Well I finally got my bluetooth controller and now Launchbox will not recognize it under the input settings. What Ive done. I installed the Steelseries control panel and updated the firmware from it. In the Steelseries CP is shows the controller as connected. I tested it in mouse mode and it seems to work but LB is the only gaming system on my machine so not sure how to check it aside from that. I watched the YT video on connecting a controller. In the video is says to install Input mapper. I installed the latest stable release and ran the install. When it opens it says No compatible controllers detected. Ive tried both with Bluetooth and with the USB cable and still nothing. I checked the setting in LB to enable gamepads and saved the setting then closed and reopened LB and still nothing. What am I missing?
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Well I turned it off and walked away for about 30 minutes and when I came back and tried again it woks. Only thing now is that all the controls are backward. I guess thats just a matter of setting up each button. Is there a button map that shows what each should do? I found the xbox map but is there something like that for retroarch/launchbox to compare against?
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