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  1. I would stay away from it for now. They haven't updated the software in awhile (over a year). Latest version of some emulators has broken compatibility with it, causing many tedious days of searching the forums for updated modules. Dev said they are working on something, but its been more then a year http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?5684-Updating-Modules-for-Latest-Emulator-Builds
  2. I just added Sf3 new gen manually to the playlist (just found out you can do this by right clicking the game lol), deleted the playlist, and re-added cps3 playlist to launch box. This time it created the playlist properly! i probably deleted sf3 new gen one day by accident when I had my previous mame romset in Launchbox and it remembered.
  3. It is a playlist. I created the CPS3 playlist by going to "Tools>Create Missing arcade/mame playlists" after adding all my MAME roms. I am using the latest mame romset (split) aswell. Whats weird is that when I originally imported all my MAME roms, I asked for the NA version for everything. It imported SF3 New Generatioin as the hispanic version (sfiiih.zip) and had to manually change it to the US version (sfiiiu.zip). All the other mame games including the street fighters seemed to have imported correctly.
  4. Street Fighter III: New Generation is missing from the Capcom Play System 3 playlist in my launchbox/bigbox. Anyone else have this issue? I definitely have it in my Mame platform list,
  5. Dang. Thanks for confirming. Guess I’ll be converting the JPEGs to PNG then. Not a big deal since I love the theme!
  6. i am having an issue where my Jpeg platform clear logos don't work in the games view. Converting to PNG resolves this problem. Anyone else run into this issue? i circled the area where mine are missing.
  7. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/3194/mark-game-as-completed-within-bigbox i couldn't find any so I made another one. Hopefully this one doesn't get removed. Everyone please vote!
  8. Are there any pictures of the new wall view ?
  9. Wow just saw all the new banners! They look amazing. Great theme! +1 for Pinball and Sega Classics
  10. here are screenshots as promised:
  11. Sorry to hear. I'll post screenshots of my Afterburner settings when I get back from work. I do not have RTSS have installed.
  12. @logan48227 Just wanted to chime in here since I use Afterburner to control the fan speed on my AMD graphics card. I am not having any issues at the moment, but have had issues with Afterburner effecting other software (especially Wallpaper Engine) in the past. Disable the setting "Enable low-level IO driver" within Afterburner (Settings > General > compatibility properties). It doesn't effect my fan control and solved a lot crashing issues I was have because of Afterburner, but it may affect any overclocking you do within afterburner. Not sure though. If you have Rivatuner installed as well with Afterburner, you will need to add the Launchbox and BigBox .EXE to the exceptions within Rivatuner too.
  13. These look great! Looking forward to seeing more banners. Especially the GameCube and Wii. Some other banners to consider to add that weren't mentioned yet: Pinball, Comics, and Magazines
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