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I have looked for hours possibly days, is that a way to get LaunchBox to act like epsxecutor and save and load setting for each game, or a way to use epsxecutor in a non gui state? this is one and only reason I would not need LaunchBox please tell me there is a solution for this. having to manually set each game at launch is getting way lame. -oh my lord, I am so sleepy, and now I am going to end up eating zombeavers grammar crackers again, LOL
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I learned something I want to share. I assume some of you know this already, but knowing I can not be the only one to have this issue I am sharing. I have spent over two weeks researching and looking for this. Hopefully this will lessen the confusion people like me might be having. The newest release of epsxe 2.0.5 comes with a plug in called Pete's OpenGL2 GPU core 2.0.0. I will get to this in a second. Every tutorial and search I have done has lead to nothing but ranting about Pete's OpenGL2 GPU core 2.9. People have even gone as far to say that 2.0.0 is not the latest nor is it the best. Through trial and error and a lot of worthless internet searches, on my part. (nothing I have found on the internet says this, but this is what I have found.) In your epsxe 2.0.5 folder. there is a sub-directory called configs. this is the directory that stores per game settings. Instead of you using 2.9, use 2.0.0, it seems to be the exact same plug in minus the threading options. When using that plug in you can set up the settings start the game and press ESC -> Options - > Game Profiles -> Save Profile - If you are set up correctly, and amusing nothing unforeseen happens, no matter what you change the settings to after that, ever time you launch that game it uses those setting. You have to delete the saved profile to set new settings. The profile is saved using the SLUS or SCUS code of the game. So that profile is for that game and that game alone. 

PS. is there a way we can change the tile to epsxe Game Profile or something like that so if anyone searches for this topic they can find it.

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I know this was posted last year, but I have just come across it as I am currently setting up epsxe. Can I just say this has saved me a lot of time and headache! By using Pete's 2.0.0 I was able to save my game config for Discworld and kept the same settings! Discworld is a lot different to a lot of games because its mostly, if not all 2D and most of the 3D settings do not make any difference to this game! It's only the plugins / shaders that make a difference and by managing to save a separate config file for this is great! Don't know why it doesn't work with Pete's 2.9 but glad GamingOldGuy found out!! Thanks bud, great help, much appreciated!!!!!!

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