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  1. It has been a year or two since I worked on this stuff. I am working on something to make a "legit" library (no hacks and or crazy fake made up things) as I can. I had an idea on a naming convention and a db to use. Along with correct front covers. I am one person and only have a week or two of free time to do this. Is there any interest? If so let me know. The naming convention should not ever change, history has already established the facts, so if loaded to your LaunchBoxDB it should cause every game named this way to be correct and yet still understandable outside of a frontend. Otherwise
  2. I am almost done with my PlayStation bios project. anyone want to check my work when I am done?
  3. I used their psx list on my database and it said that multiple tracks of games i had were from games I do not have.
  4. Is it just me or is Re-Dump.org a joke or what? Nothing I have researched from them is correct, they have region codes wrong, bios images are labeled wrong, and their dat files tear apart libraries. Anyone else have any success with their info.
  5. Error can't open sound handler. (Try -nosound) Since I updated to 6.8, this is the error I keep getting trying to run epsxe. Any advise. Down grading to 6.7 will fix the issue.
  6. I learned something I want to share. I assume some of you know this already, but knowing I can not be the only one to have this issue I am sharing. I have spent over two weeks researching and looking for this. Hopefully this will lessen the confusion people like me might be having. The newest release of epsxe 2.0.5 comes with a plug in called Pete's OpenGL2 GPU core 2.0.0. I will get to this in a second. Every tutorial and search I have done has lead to nothing but ranting about Pete's OpenGL2 GPU core 2.9. People have even gone as far to say that 2.0.0 is not the latest nor is it the best. Th
  7. Hey no problem, I have been working on 1200 ps one games, I keep getting side tracked from psp, I am looking at the SC SL numbers finding the artwork and composing a list of title names based on your rules, it will take a few days. I really love LaunchBox, I have some time right now, I have been digging into is settings and stuff, And I have a few Ideas. I wont tell you right now because every time I think of one I eventually find a way to actually do it in LaunchBox. Amazing work you have done here.
  8. Ok, I started my own thread so I can do this, I about to go through 1200 psp roms, I have already ran into 7 games not listed or missing cover art, and I am only 100 in. Then I got a idea, when you update the information in LaunchBox, can you export the meta data or database (my terminology might be incorrect). That way I can just get my library correct, and then submit my entire psp library with cover art at one time. or would it just be better to zip this stuff up and list it on a spreadsheet. The reason I am asking this is entering each game one at a time seems tedious. Also, I am not sure
  9. where do you upload cover art that is missing, I found a really nice 640 1107 300: March to Glory psp box front
  10. Sorry, when I get here I am very tired and not thinking very well, I appreciate your explanation and will definitely look into this. One question if I may, Will or can it be set up to load profiles for epsxe? I know epsxe is suppose to remember your settings ever time you save a profile and relaunch a game, but that does not work? it remembers your plugin, but totally has no idea what your settings are.
  11. I have not used Saturn emus for so long I will have to see one of the new ones, because I do not remember this.
  12. system date, if your referring to game release date, I totally misunderstood.
  13. if you set the date to Christmas, you see Santa, if you set it based on the moon phases you can see the moon go from crescent to full and back
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