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Attract Mode - Scrolling for too long


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Hey Guys,

I tired the Attract mode and looooveee the basis of the idea.

Just wanna list some problems and things I think might good for it


  • Scrolls continuously or for more than 30 seconds (Maybe an option to set a timer on a spin?)
  • Options for the settings needs better description (Max speed / Min Speed of what? Scrolling I'd guess)

Some things that would be super if you guys could add

  • Ability to make scroll audio lower when in Attract mode as I know it is an attention grabber but got complained at that the constant jittering of the machine becomes annoying as it scrolls through every 20 or so seconds and the issue of it not stopping for 30 seconds
  • Ability to choose a number and let the attract mode randomize in a set number range on how many spins it will do, some consoles I have 30 or so games but it spins past the list 2 or even 3 times before landing on something

Sorry if I sound annoying in anyway I just love this program and can't wait to see it grow :) 



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