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For me, this new release seems to work better than Mednafen on Retroarch but I can't get it to load a game through Launchbox. I have searched and found nothing except that Yabause is not friendly to GUI but that could have changed. If anyone can share a command line that works in Launchbox, please share!



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Ok, I got it working with the command parameter -i and setting the emulator to load full screen in the settings / video tab.

Personal Rant Incoming!!!

Now I will apologize in advance for what is coming next but this emulator is absolute trash and there is no good reason to use this thing whatsoever. It still has broken sound in Darius Gaiden where it only plays music and no game sound effects. The full screen of this emulator is broken, it doesn't keep aspect ratio even though it is check on. When I full screen the emulator it spreads across both monitors unless I set the full screen resolution to match my main monitor which is 2560 x 1440 but like I said before it stretches the game to widescreen. Maybe it doesn't like the fact I am using a dual monitor setup but in this day in age many people do and this is the only emulator or program I have run into that does this.

Maybe some day this emulator could be good and usable but today is not that day. Mednafen is far superior and if your system isn't quite fast enough to run it then SSF even with the mounting of disk images in Daemon Tools is way better and much more usable.

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Cool, glad it works the way you want it to despite my hatred for this emulator in its current state ;)

You said that Daytona doesn't run well for you, are you talking the normal first release version or the later Championship Edition ? The Championship edition works just fine for me, I haven't tried the normal version or Sega Rally.

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I don't know where the tipping point for CPU speed and performance is.

If you need to squeeze out a bit of speed make sure you have Hard Gpu Sync On (should be on anyways) but then bump Hard Gpu Sync Frames to 1 and see what happens. If you still aren't quite there in smoothness you can turn on Threaded Video, it may introduce a tiny bit of input lag but it shouldn't be noticeable. I have Threaded Video On but I also use a very heavy shader (Kurozumi-Royale).

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