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GroovyMame is back with version 177


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GroovyMame has been on a bit of a hiatus since 171 and Mame went full open source. Version 171 was also before the good changes to HLSL shaders so I have been using normal Mame lately.

For those of you who don't know what GroovyMame is, it is a version of Mame built specifically for old school CRT displays and focuses heavily on low input lag. But it's not exclusively for CRTs and LCDs users can benefit from GroovyMame as well.

GroovyMame also has the benefit of built in nag screens disabled with just a simple lines added into the ini file. No needing to find one already compiled with it off or compiling your own.

Here is all the information on GroovyMame

You will need to download the official build of Mame 177 and install it first then extract the GroovyMame exe and replace or just simply rename the GroovyMame exe to something else and drop that in your Mame folder and use that exe.

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