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Use progettosnaps.net as video source? Import from local files?


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I wonder if LaunchBox is able to download videos (while scrubbing) from http://www.progettosnaps.net/index.php and/or use a local source. I understand that someone can add videos manually per game, but wonder if it can look in some local paths (recursively too), while adding games in a collection (progettosnaps except MAME arcade videos, also has an increasing collection of console/computer videos, that can be potentially useful outside MAME).

In case videos are available locally, give the option to use them directly from their original path (not move them in LaunchBox\Videos).



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If you go to tools manage platforms choose your platform and edit it you change change the paths to all of your media. Some one brought up though that if you use the clean up images option in LB it can delete what you have in your MAME folders so you may want to back up that data.

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Thanks. The problem is also the matching I guess.

It may be easy when importing MAME (arcade) games, but using local media to match other games (games for use also in other emulators), this won't work easily.

A scrubber tries to match names and (hopefully) just holds fields in the database to make the match and doesn't (or shouldn't) rename the sources.


For example let say there is a video for miner 2049er for Atari 2600.

MAME front-ends already know to use "mine2049e.mp4" for the PAL version of the game, since this is how the SL ROM is named too.

But if you wanted to use that video in Stella, I don't think you can, while mass importing Atari 2600 games for use in Stella. Possibly only manually per game (which is painful).


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Yeah it wouldn't help for the software lists but for arcade it will. I'm hoping to see support added for software list to benefit from the current MAME specific settings that LB has but truthfully the majority of people don't use MAME for consoles unless faced without any viable option. These console resources would definitely prove useful but only if LB also recognized the software list naming for media.

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