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Hello everyone first and foremost im new here just purchased a year license of Launchbox to show my support as it seems very promising i myself have been using Hyperspin for about 2 years now and With how far this App has come and how open the dev is to suggestions i think we may have a new champion which is quite impressive! so well done

I however have a question about naming convention

i couldn't find any resources on how launchbox actually establish itself

For Example Hyperspin databases & Emumovies naming conventions like "Activision Decathlon, The (USA)" and upon scrapping the Games DB which is very nice btw it only pulls some of the boxart that specific game not finding one however if i use Emumovies backend to scrape it finds everything no problem minus game synopsis which kinda sucks...


So i was curious to know what naming convention does Launchbox go by? cause all i can see on the Games DB is "The Activision Decathlon"

If they do just state the game willy nilly is there any plans to move the naming convention to standard "GoodTools" Naming Conventions

if not curious as to why?

I Mean i dont mind the game being simply the name honestly with the (Countrys) (Protos) (Betas) kinda annoying 

Either way

To the Devs to Jason very well done you have my full support assuming i get this off the ground in a year or less i will probably buy full life license


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As far as I know, Jason and I never discussed changing the name convention, but we are of course open to talking about it, however what we have now works. All my No-Intro sets work, unless the game doesn't exist on the LaunchBox Games Database. Compared to HS, we do things a bit differently. A game doesn't need to match exactly for it to be picked up on the database, but the closer it is the easier time it has finding it. During the import process it is very strict so that it doesn't give you the wrong images and metadata. When you edit a game, you can search that specific game to the database and pick from a drop down list of what it is. Anything inside of brackets or parenthesis is ignored when giving the game it's name within LaunchBox. So Legend of Zelda (U) would just be Legend of Zelda. However, multi-disc games will get parsed and combined and region identification happens as well. The is ignored when sorting games so a game with The at the start will get sorted in to the first letter of the next word. For scrap-ability, The being at the start will help to make it easier, but it's not required. Sometimes the games will still get found or you scan that game afterwards. We don't follow a specific convention except for the name of  the game. With a few exceptions currently as the database needs a bit of work (Alternate names), but the name of the game is the name of the game and that's what the file or folder should be called (if you use the option to use the folder name as the game name).

Clicking a game then using Ctrl + A to highlight them all then Tools -> Download Images and Metadata will update the highlighted games, but it's just as strict during import. Editing a game, clicking search and choosing the game is the more customizable way to do it. There are games from time to time where I change the rom name just to keep things easy.

If you have any more questions then I would like to point you towards our YouTube channel that has tons of videos and tutorials, all of the tutorials created by myself, by clicking the Tutorials button at the top of the forums. Otherwise, if you have any other questions please feel free to ask or search around on the forums, we have tons and tons of threads.

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I do want to note that the only exception is MAME, we have to follow their standard because otherwise it would be a complete nightmare. So when you importer MAME or Arcade systems, if the MAME import options don't automatically pop-up you can check the box for them and it will convert the names for you.

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