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New Platform videos are not showing up in launchbox 7 beta 10


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The new platform videos that can be accessed by going to tools and clicking Download Platform Theme Videos do not show up when I switch into Bigbox. It says that 6 videos were downloaded successfully, and when I go to my launchbox install folder and go into videos and then platforms, I see them there. I have the CriticalZone version 1.2 theme active, and use platform background videos is checked in options. 

How do I fix this?


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I'm having a similar issue, the platform videos are not loading, just a black screen.

- If I go into the folder and play the videos directly they play fine.
- if I go into a platform the video game videos are showing fine, only platform ones does not
- I toggled the video playback between VLC and Windows Media Player, but no luck
- And of course, the platform video playback is enabled in settings
- Also tried switching between CriticalZone 1.2 and Default themes, with no luck

It shows like this on my setup:


Any help, anyone, please?

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The View in your screenshot doesn’t support any platform videos. You have to switch to a View which does. You can either switch the View in your Big Box options in “Views -> Platform List view” or you can set up a key/button to switch the views on the fly (Keyboard Mappings or Controller Buttons in your options)

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