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  1. As far as I know it’s the default behavior of Big Box to play the game music in case there’s no video. I personally don’t use background music inside Big Box so I can only tell you to play around with the various “Auto-Play” and “Enable Background Music” options in the “Sound” section in order to get Big Box behave like you want. Can you replicate this behavior with other themes as well? I think that’s something @Jason Carr has to look into as I don’t really do anything special with video playback inside this theme. The theme was released at the end of 2017, the last update was in February 2019. I haven’t done any theme creating in quite a while because I’m working on other projects for my LaunchBox setup that I want to finish up first (and they still need a lot of work and time...). I still plan to come back to this theme sometimes in the future and completely re-do it with the Community Theme Creator. But as I said don’t expect it anytime soon. in the meantime, if anyone else here wants to pick up the torch and continue it, by all means, be my guest.
  2. I'm sorry for the confusion. My post was only referring to the release dates. As for the names you are 100% right. Now that LaunchBox 11.3 and upwards uses the game title based on the region of your ROMs it even got messier as the publisher, for example, can also differ between regions in a lot of cases. So yeah, it’s just a compromise which could only be solved by adding region-specific data fields. Yeah, we had a Google doc for it but since then Jason added the rules to the database itself. When you add a new game you have some info-symbols next to every field which tell you the rules for said field. Here's the screenshot again, showing you what I mean:
  3. Actually, that isn't true. The rules are pretty clear on this. I remember that we had a few discussions about this back when we first established the database rules and the result was that the earliest release date is the best compromise. With that said, I admit that there are tons of US-based release dates in the database. I'm not sure if it's just a remnant of the old TheGamesDB data, which was the base for the LBGDB, or if some people making up their own rules again and just put the US-region dates in there because they personally prefer it… Screenshot from the database rules:
  4. You guys are most likely using a very old and outdated version of CriticalZone because this theme doesn't use this plugin since quite a while. To fix it you should remove your old version from your themes folder and download the latest version from the download section or the Big Box theme manager.
  5. This might be helpful for you
  6. I just tried again to import my Epic launcher games and the missing games that I’ve had reported a while ago are still missing. It’s most likely a bigger issue than just a temporal hiccup.
  7. I noticed that the new edit window only shows one value for each custom fields name. My Steam games all have multiple custom fields named “Tags” attached to them but in the edit window only one of the "Tags" fields shows up. To make things worse, all the other "Tages" fields that do not show in the edit dialog will be getting deleted once you save the game entry.
  8. You can get .dat files for Wii and Wii U here: https://dats.site/custom_system_datslist.php Unfortunately these are not the actual Redump dats. These dat files are based on the latest Redump sets which were converted to compressed file formats. Filenames are identical to the normal Redump images so they should work perfectly fine with your project. PS3 and Xbox 360 dats can be found in the mobasuite.com forums.
  9. LaunchBox doesn't know what a game requires in order to run it. It just launches a file either directly or through an emulator with parameters of your choice. Everything else is up to the game/emulator itself. If you want to play flash games you really should take a look at the Flashpoint project. https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/
  10. Thanks for bringing this project to my attention. That's really a great idea. Even though I don’t have any immediate need for it as I already use Retroplay’s pre-patched T-En collections, I will definitely keeping an eye out on this. Especially once they start to include other kinds of hacks to it, like improvement patches, it will begin to get really interesting for me.
  11. I just ran the importer again, still missing. You can grab Unreal Tournament for free in the Epic Store in case you'll want to get it for testing,
  12. Beta-10 fixed that issue for normal games but it still occurs if the game is launched as additional app. I also re-imported my games from the Epic Games store and noticed that the importer doesn’t find all of my games anymore. It now only finds 99 games out of 112. It doesn’t matter if I have ‘import duplicates’ checked or not (I don't own them in other stores aynway). I haven’t compared all of my games yet to identify the missing ones but the missing ones I noticed so far are: - Thimbleweed Park - Unreal Tournament - World War Z I’m pretty sure these games were detected when I imported my Epic games 2 weeks ago. Edit: Just tested it on a completely fresh LB installation. Same issue.
  13. Nope, this isn't the issue. I can't even replicate the behavior you've mentioned. Even when I leave the game details open and launch another game from within LaunchBox, the game switches inside Origin perfectly fine to the one I’ve started inside LaunchBox. Like I said, all other games are working perfectly fine. It’s only happening when I want to start a game from this particular collection. I always deactivate the LB Games DB search when I import PC games and haven’t linked any Origin games to the database yet. I’ve now tried to re-import the games into a complete new LaunchBox installation with only Origin metadata selected. Same behavior. Another thing to note is that it doesn’t matter if I have the game installed or not.
  14. You don't have to add them manually in the .xml. LaunchBox will automatically add all missing platforms on the next startup. The only thing you have to re-add in the LaunchBox settings are your emulators. Once you have added them you also need to change all your games to use the newly re-added emulators. I think that's all you have do to make it work.
  15. Ah, makes sense. Thanks for the clarification
  16. I found 2 other issues with the PC games launcher importers (sorry @C-Beats) I own the “Command & Conquer - Ultimate Collection” on Origin (which is essentially a bundle of many different titles from the C&C series, each game has its own entry inside Origin and LB) and when I try to start a game from this collection it always launches “Command & Conquer - The Ultimate Collection Additional” and not the game I actually wanted to start. All games have a different "OriginAppId" and "OriginInstallPath" inside the Windows.xml, so it's not the issue that they all point to the same game. I’ve tried these games with other third-party launchers (GOG Galaxy and Playnite) to see if it’s a general API issue but they both launch the correct games, so I’m not entirely sure what LB does differently here. The other thing is that the Uplay importer seems to only import games that don’t require an additional launcher to start the game. For example, I own several Ubisoft games that I bought on Steam which require both Steam and Uplay to be open to start them. Even though I bought them on Steam they also appear in my games list inside Uplay. These games don’t get imported. Now it might be no biggie that they are missing as I still have them imported inside LB through Steam but it would still be nice to have that Uplay badge so I can see directly if a game also requires Uplay in order to play it. Of course I’ve also tested this with the other launchers and GOG Galaxy does import all games I have listed inside Uplay while Playnite has the same behavior as LB.
  17. I'm not sure if you would have any need for that as I specifically edited for my own setup in which I have tons of Custom Fields and made room for them. It probably wouldn't look as nice on other setups.
  18. My own thoughts on this topic: I would love to see proper .dat file support in LaunchBox. I‘ve been wanting this feature for so long that I already have giving up that you will ever add it to be honest. The first thing you should definitely add is support for hash values in the database as the file names in these sets change from time to time (that‘s especially the case for Japanese games because there’s so many ways you can translate the title to English). And of course, add a hash check in the ROM importer to make use of this data. No-Intro and MAME are afaik the only ROMsets which offer proper support for parent-clone relations. You can get the latest parent-clone .dat files from No-Intro in a single package from here: https://datomatic.no-intro.org/?page=download&op=daily Just choose „P/C XML“ in the dropdown menu and download it. It gets automatically updated every 24 hours with the latest .dat versions at that time. When you merge the data with the LB database you have to be extremely careful as the LaunchBox importer already matches some ROMs wrong. Also there are some cases where two different games have the exact same title. Casper for the SNES as example. The western and japanese versions are entirely different. Here you can make use of the parent-clone relations in the No-Intro .dats as they also treat these 2 versions as different games. https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/2681 https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/112207 Or just look at this thread for other examples I also would highly suggest to also add the file names as alternative names (in case they don’t already exist). That’s especially useful for disc based systems, as @SiriusVI has already mentioned, some people (myself included) convert them into more storage-saving file formats like .chd. In this case the hash values from the official .dat files would be useless but the file names on the hand should still be really valuable. You can get Redump .dat files from here: http://redump.org/downloads/
  19. I completely agree with that. There are multiple problems I see with this. MAME is only updated once a month and offered in a neat complete package so it’s easy to keep track of your ROM versions. No-Intro, Redump, etc. on the other hand update their sets daily (sometimes even multiple times a day) and on top of that has every system its own .dat file. You would need the exact ROMset based on the .dat versions Jason includes in the importer which isn’t easy to get for the average LaunchBox user as you won’t find full No-Intro sets for every .dat version out there. You also can’t expect the users to rebuild their ROMs with tools like CLRmamepro, ROMcenter, etc. to make it match with the one from LaunchBox. Same thing applies if the users provide their own .dat files because most full set downloads don’t have the .dat files included and then you are back at having the users to need to rebuild their sets by themselves. While I personally would be really thankful for this feature and have no problem rebuilding my sets, I know that Jason is very hesitant when it comes to spending a lot of development time on features that will only be useful for handful of power users. This also wouldn’t solve the issue of associating the games 100% correctly with the LaunchBox database entries.
  20. Thanks! This fixed it for me! Unfortunately I found another issue while I was testing this. If you have a GOG and Origin version merged and the GOG version is set as parent than you can't start the Origin version. It won't even open up the Origin launcher. It works fine as a single entry though when you expand them again.
  21. Nothing big. I've changed the position of the year + platform and the developer row, changed the video height to be dynamic and re-arranged some fields in the side panel.
  22. I've now tested it with Beta 6 and the Origin version gets now properly launched when it's added as Additional App. So that issue seems to fixed! BUT the following issue is still there: When I edit the merged game (doesn't matter if I change something as long as I close it with the OK button) the game loses its Origin badge and the Origin version can't be launched anymore. Once the Origin version has lost its Origin badge it stays broken even when you expand the games into their individual entries.
  23. Yes it does work with auto-play videos turned off, just tested it. Btw. I really love your theme. I've made a few modifications here and there for myself and now It's my new go to theme for LaunchBox. Great job!
  24. I only recorded the videos and didn’t create any additional stuff for usage in other FrontEnds besides Big Box. So unfortunately I can’t help you with that. You should better ask this in the HyperSpin forums.
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