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  1. Yes, that’s normal. You should also run the Scanner over the rebuilt set once it’s finished. Be aware that rebuilding a complete MAME set can take a few hours.
  2. The result should be exactly the same. I’m not sure if the Merger is faster or not but when you have the Rebuilder already running I would just stay with it and don’t stop it.
  3. The easiest way to convert a full ROMset like that is by using the Merger. You can find it in the menu between the Rebuilder and the Settings. Just choose the merging type you want and let it work. Once it's finished you should also run the Scanner to make sure that everything is fine and tidy.
  4. I’m not sure if anything can be done. At least it would be a pain to figure that one out as the workaround to fix the DPI issues is already implemented. Actually, it behaves the complete opposite as I would expect it as the workaround tends to add more blank space on the right side of the text the higher your DPI settings are. Most likely, some recent BigBox changes broke the workaround as you are the first ones to mention this issue since V2 was released over 2 years ago. I’ll see what I can do once I get your feedback.
  5. That could definitely be the case. Was it always like that or has this changed over time? Can you test it with DPI set to 100%?
  6. I see, Something must have changed since then that I wasn't aware of. Great to hear that it's finally working
  7. I honestly have no idea why it's not working for you. I re-did that View and uploaded the whole theme folder. Could you try it with this version? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CslJETFhDa6g8qSX59p590L6w4cO1G1v
  8. Weird, it’s working perfectly fine on my end. What version of Big Box do you use? Do you use the latest version of CriticalZone - Blue Box? Is it exactly the same error or just one that looks similar?
  9. I'm sorry, I accidentally uploaded the wrong file. Here's the correct one Wheel3GamesView.xaml
  10. Hey @JamesBond@ge, I haven’t actively ignored you. I’ve more like forgot your request. I try to visit the forum regularly to be up to date on what’s going with LB and the community but in most cases I don’t have the time to respond immediately to messages, not to even speak of tailoring my themes to extra wishes. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes I forget about messages that reach me when I just took a quick look on the forums, please believe me that it was no ill will against you from my side. I understand that it might be frustrating to feel like being ignored but I would highly appreciate it if you don’t accuse other people of lower motives without any reason. Nevertheless, as I feel bad that I have forgotten about you I just took the time and immediately started to edit the View to your wishes. Here you go: Wheel3GamesView.xaml
  11. That's an easy fix. Open LaunchBox -> Tools -> Options -> Background Priorities -> uncheck "Clear Logo"
  12. Yeah, unfortunately the plugin doesn’t show you when it’s working or when it’s finished. I usually check the videos folder and sort them by date, this way I can see if new videos appear and when that stops I can safely assume that it’s finished. You may also have to reload the image cache for the scraped games to get LB to recognize all the new stuff.
  13. Wow, you’re super fast! Thank you! Unfortunately it isn't working for me. Your plugin still only downloads screenshots and banners even when I try it with games that I know for sure have these new graphics available (e.g. the here linked GTA5 or your Dota Underlords example)
  14. Hey man, sorry to nag you again with an additional feature request. I’m not sure if you already have heard of it but Steam will revamp their library interface (Beta starting soon). Because of the re-design they have added support for new image types: Box Cover, Banner/Marquee and Clear Logos. Here’s an official post with more information about this: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/steamworks#announcements/detail/1597002662762032240 SteamDB does already support those new images and therefore I could find out the URL’s these are using: Box Cover: https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/{0}/library_600x900_2x.jpg?t=0 Banner/Marquee: https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/{0}/library_hero.jpg?t=0 Clear Logo: https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/{0}/logo.png?t=0 *{0} = Steam AppID Not many games are already covered but I think once the beta starts more and more publishers will upload the missing graphics. For me that's a dream come true, as it means that my Steam library will finally look somewhat decent in Big Box. Long story short. It would be great if your plugin could also download these new images in a future version. For example, here are the new graphics for GTA5 linked directly from the Steam server:
  15. Awesome! Don’t feel rushed and take all the time you need. I also just tested the new version and can’t report any issues so far
  16. First of huge thanks for adding the SteamDB page to the scraper! I really appreciate that It works really well with games that are still up on the Steam Store. But unfortunately the Additional App doesn’t get added to games that aren’t available in the Steam Store anymore. I’m guessing your plugin is just passing the game when it doesn’t find the entry on Steam. It would be great if your plugin could add the SteamDB link anyway. Or even better, add a second source to get data for these removed games. The obvious choice would be to get them from the SteamDB but they offer no API and don’t allow web-scraping. I think a good alternative source would be SteamSpy as they offer an official API https://steamspy.com/api.php I’m very aware that adding another source would be a lot of extra work, so I completely understand if you don't want to touch this. If you need a removed game for testing in case you don't own any yourself: Deadpool (AppID: 224060) SteamDB Link SteamSpy Link
  17. I see. Change the value of the Panel.ZIndex from the <transitions:TransitionPresenter line under <!-- VIDEO --> from 0 to 1.
  18. Just add it under <!-- VIDEO --> and you should be fine.
  19. You didn’t, don’t worry. Thanks for the compliment
  20. I have a few ideas for a new theme that will be aimed for a HTPC / console-like interface but it will probably take quite a while before I start working on it. I can’t work on such creative things on command and I always need the right time and mood for it. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen very often to me so I can’t really tell when I come back. But I will definitely release a new theme sometimes in the future, that's for sure
  21. There isn’t anything coded for the background therefore it’s completely blank. The platform views are intended to play fullscreen platform videos so there wasn’t any need for that. Nevertheless you have quite a few options to add in backgrounds. If you want to use the backgrounds in your Fanart folders just add this line to the VIew <transitions:TransitionPresenter TransitionSelector="{Binding BackgroundTransitionSelector}" Content="{Binding BackgroundView}" Height="{Binding ElementName=Canvas, Path=ActualHeight}" Width="{Binding ElementName=Canvas, Path=ActualWidth}" Grid.ColumnSpan="8" Grid.RowSpan="8" IsContentVideo="false" /> If you want to add a static image use this code and edit the path to the image of your choice. The only thing you should know is that “pack://siteoforigin:,,,/” stands for your LaunchBox folder. <Image x:Name="BackgroundImage" Grid.ColumnSpan="8" Grid.RowSpan="8" Source="pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Themes/Unified/Images/Theme/Background/YOUR_IMAGE.jpg" Opacity="100" Panel.ZIndex="0" Stretch="Fill" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="HighQuality" /> And finally if you want to use the same background images as in the Games Views add this. Be aware that you'll need to manually add background images for your Platform Categories to the Background folder if you use any. <TextBlock x:Name="BackgroundFileName" Visibility="Collapsed"> <TextBlock.Text> <MultiBinding StringFormat="{}pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Themes/Unified/Images/Theme/Background/{0}.jpg"> <Binding Path="SelectedPlatform.Name" /> </MultiBinding> </TextBlock.Text> </TextBlock> <Image x:Name="BackgroundImage" Grid.ColumnSpan="8" Grid.RowSpan="8" Source="{Binding Text, ElementName=BackgroundFileName, FallbackValue='pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Themes/Unified/Images/Theme/Background/_Default.png'}" Opacity="100" Panel.ZIndex="0" Stretch="Fill" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="HighQuality" />
  22. Kondorito is completely right. I just want to add that when you completely delete the orange highlighted line the wheel won't fade away at all.
  23. I meant adding it as Additional App but that should be also fairly easy to add as well. I’m not sure if you aware of this but you can add basically anything as Additional App to a game which will then show up in the context menu when you right-click on it. You can add things like other games, manuals, links, etc. and open them with a single click. You just have to set it up as the application path. In the xml file it looks like this: <AdditionalApplication> <Id>126ec3a9-038c-4bc9-a3aa-1a4ce044f5a9</Id> <PlayCount>1</PlayCount> <GameID>21c077bd-da53-4981-8acb-a929a6b1a240</GameID> <ApplicationPath>https://steamdb.info/app/49520/</ApplicationPath> <AutoRunAfter>false</AutoRunAfter> <AutoRunBefore>false</AutoRunBefore> <CommandLine /> <Name>Visit Steam Database page</Name> <UseDosBox>false</UseDosBox> <UseEmulator>false</UseEmulator> <WaitForExit>false</WaitForExit> <Developer /> <Publisher /> <Region /> <Version /> <Status /> <LastPlayed>2019-06-16T22:32:02.2887597+02:00</LastPlayed> <SideA>false</SideA> <SideB>false</SideB> <Priority>0</Priority> </AdditionalApplication> And no worries, I can wait. Take the time you need
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