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  1. Yes that’s completely normal and the reason why you have to add the Backup folder as Add-Path in the first place. The scanner does remove absolutely everything that is not 100% correct in the source folder. Besides outdated files that can also mean files that were simply renamed or moved around in the newer MAME version. The rebuilder will automatically fix/update these files and put them back to the source folder.
  2. CriticalZoneV2 issue

    I guess I could make it clearer, you’re right with that, I can't just assume that everybody knows how the Fanart background system works. But on the other hand have you “Background Videos” enabled in your options so don’t be surprised if you get exactly that. WIth that said, it is completely unrelated to your playlist issue but if this solution works better for you than great!
  3. CriticalZoneV2 issue

    I think you understood the term FanartOnly a little wrong here. It simply means that it uses the default Fanart background code in all Views like the Default theme. And just like in the Default theme it will use the platform/game video as background instead of the Fanart images If you have background videos enabled in your options. Of course I could force disable background videos to make it “really” FanartOnly and avoid confusion but I don’t see the point to artificial restrict the options and preferences of the users.
  4. CriticalZoneV2 issue

    Your folders are correct, they look the same as for me
  5. CriticalZoneV2 issue

    I’ve just created a Metroid playlist and it works completely fine on my end with your videos. I'm sorry to say that at this point I have no idea how to help you any further. I’ve encountered the same problem with playlists before in older revisions of the background video plug-in but I thought that they were all gone as I've never had any issues with it in its current version. Maybe @eatkinola can think of anything else on how to help you? I can’t promise an exact date any than “soonish” but eatkinola is currently working on a new version of the video plug-in that may or may not could solve your problems, I don’t know. If you are willing to wait I can get you the beta version of the new CriticalZone version once it’s finished and if the problem still persist we can further trouble shoot it.
  6. CriticalZoneV2 issue

    Can you send me both videos?
  7. CriticalZoneV2 issue

    Yes it should work. Have you moved the video to right folder again? Have you restarted BigBox after moving the video files? Can you try it out with a platform?
  8. CriticalZoneV2 issue

    I'm not really sure how to phrase that more clearly. That was a design choice by me as it looked horrible to see the background video changing every few seconds while going through the platforms. It was way too busy and destroyed the flow of the whole design for me. I’m not sure if it’s currently possible to make it work like you want, maybe @eatkinola can shed some light on that and tell you what to change in the theme code (in case if it's possible at all)
  9. CriticalZoneV2 issue

    Have you tried different Views to see if all of them are affected by this? The background videos will also only work inside the platforms/playlists and not in the platform selection Views. Sorry for stating another stupid thing as you have said that you have read the instructions and should be aware of that fact but your comment on the normal platform video made me think that you may look in the wrong place.
  10. CriticalZoneV2 issue

    It just came to my mind that your image issues could be related to the image cache. Try to refresh it in your BigBox Image settings and see if that helps.
  11. CriticalZoneV2 issue

    You have to create a sub-folder named like your platform inside the "Platforms" folder to make it work. Could you try that again? I'm not so sure about the images because that's not theme related and a general BigBox feature. All I can say on this is to try the images in another theme and if they don't work there as well you should report it to Jason in the latest LB beta thread.
  12. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    @wallmachine A workaround for your border issue would be to force all videos to a 16:9 aspect ratio by using the background element for the video (the ImageVideoView can’t stretch media) and set up the fanart background with the appropriate ActiveGame element instead (don't forget to force activate BackgroundVideos in your ThemeSettings xml file) If you want to keep the aspect ratios than I would suggest to try to use the normal Border properties. I have never tried it out myself and don’t know if that even works (because the dynamic sizing of the videos does weird things sometines) but I achieved something similar in CriticalZone with a drop shadow effect. Unfortunately I can’t think of any workarounds to determine the aspect ratio of a video and use the fitting border image file for it For your other 2 issues (it’s actually the same thing) there’s no workaround to go around these technical limitations. Personally I would be very interested in this as well, so you have my up vote on this request.
  13. CriticalZoneV2 issue

    Do you still see the default video or is the background just black when you enter the playlist? Does this problem only occur with playlists or does it not work with platforms and platform categories as well? Is the playlist exactly named “Metroid”? No “Collection” or anything like that in the name? Have you tried to use a different video? Does your video work when you put it in the default folder? Have you selected the correct version of the theme inside BigBox? I see that you have set up a few versions of it. Sorry for all this more or less stupid questions. I just want to make that we don't overlook anything.
  14. Unified Widescreen Platform Video Theme Project

    I’m not sure if I even had a .psd file for this because sometimes I just simply recorded the HyperSpin theme when I couldn't finde the source for it. Unfortunately I don’t have all my source files that I used for this project anymore so I can’t look it up if there’s a .psd file or even get it to you. The only choice you have is to dig through the HyperSpin FTP for this yourself. Sorry that this isn’t the answer you wanted to hear.
  15. It looks like that you have included SoftwareLists in your profile and it can’t properly assign the paths to every system. I never used it for SoftwareLists so unfortunately I can’t help you with that. If you just wanted to update your arcade ROMs than I suggests to start the tutorial all over again from the beginning and choose “no” when the profiler asks you if you want to include SoftwareLists as well.