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  1. Sorry but I don’t have any old versions of this theme anymore. I’m afraid you’re out of luck unless somebody else still has it and is willing to upload it for you. Any particular reasons why you want an old version?
  2. Nope, the file names will be named like they are supposed to in a No-Intro set. All what the parent setting does is to determine the file names of the archives and therefore also the name of the folders in which you are extracting them. But with this method there shouldn't be any reason for you to have to rename them anyway as you have the option in LaunchBox to import the ROMs by folder name and not file name. If you really want to rename them for whatever reason it would be fairly easy to write a batch script which renames all files according to the folder name.
  3. Wow, that’s a really tedious amount of work you’ve been doing there. Here’s an advice to do that significantly faster: You‘ll need clrmamepro to rebuild your ROM set with a parent-clone .dat file, similiar like what you‘re already been doing with your 1G1R set. But instead of choosing 1G1R you‘ll have to build a 'merged‘ set. That will leave you with one archive per game with all versions of every game inside said archives. The rebuilder will also take your region priorities into account to determine the parent (the name of the archive file) just like it does when you build a 1G1R set. For the next step you’ll need to have WinRAR installed. It could possibly be done with 7-Zip as well but I can't tell you the exact menu steps for it right now. When the rebuild is done you’ll just have to select all archives -> right-click -> WinRAR "extract each archive to separate folder". And you basically get your 1G1F structure with almost non manual and time intensive work + all games with different titles across different regions are correctly combined together without you needing to research them by yourself. The only thing that still needs to be dragged into the folders manually are hacks and fan-translations.
  4. You wouldn’t need to do the process 10 times, just add all update packs as Add-Paths and you’re good. As for your question: Yes, you could just copy everything to your MAME folder assuming your old and new set were built with the same merge mode (for example, when both sets are split sets). The cleanest way would be to delete your old sets first but if you just copy the new set over it and replace all old files you shouldn’t get any problems either way. In case the merge modes of your sets differ or if you’re not sure what kind of sets you have I would always delete your old stuff first, just to be safe.
  5. You could check the wahtsnew.txt file of each release here: https://www.mamedev.org/releases/whatsnew_0219.txt Just replace the version number in the URL with the one you want to check. For example 0218.txt instead of 0219.txt. With that said, this could be very tedious and I would rather advice you to just grab the newest set on pleasuredome and keep better track of your version next time. I plan to rework this tutorial soon-ish as I wrote it a long time ago and I now know a lot more about clrmamepro and what it can do. Of course I’ll add new screenshots in the process.
  6. Yes, there's an API for plugins: http://pluginapi.launchbox-app.com/html/4cf923f7-940c-5735-83de-04107a6ae0e6.htm
  7. You're fine. That's just how Unified is supposed to look like
  8. That’s pretty simple as you already have the complete database as .xml file in your LaunchBox directory (Path: LaunchBox\Metadata\Metadata.xml). You have various options to choose from like simply open the metadata.xml file in a text editor or open it in a dedicated XML viewer/editor. Personally I would recommend to import the Data into Excel and use all the great filter and search functions it offers. If you search “import xml into excel” you’ll surely get a ton of good tutorials on how to do this.
  9. Yes, that’s normal. You should also run the Scanner over the rebuilt set once it’s finished. Be aware that rebuilding a complete MAME set can take a few hours.
  10. The result should be exactly the same. I’m not sure if the Merger is faster or not but when you have the Rebuilder already running I would just stay with it and don’t stop it.
  11. The easiest way to convert a full ROMset like that is by using the Merger. You can find it in the menu between the Rebuilder and the Settings. Just choose the merging type you want and let it work. Once it's finished you should also run the Scanner to make sure that everything is fine and tidy.
  12. I’m not sure if anything can be done. At least it would be a pain to figure that one out as the workaround to fix the DPI issues is already implemented. Actually, it behaves the complete opposite as I would expect it as the workaround tends to add more blank space on the right side of the text the higher your DPI settings are. Most likely, some recent BigBox changes broke the workaround as you are the first ones to mention this issue since V2 was released over 2 years ago. I’ll see what I can do once I get your feedback.
  13. That could definitely be the case. Was it always like that or has this changed over time? Can you test it with DPI set to 100%?
  14. I see, Something must have changed since then that I wasn't aware of. Great to hear that it's finally working
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