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  1. Big Box Freeze Ups

    The memory leak fix is public as I’ve released it with the just recently updated CriticalZone V2. The only thing missing in there is your latest addition of a try-catch block for another issue we’ve talked about (which was the original reason why I’ve tested it for stability in the first place). So yeah, it also freezes with the most recent versions. I’ve only tested it with VLC so far, so I will give it a try with WMP but I doubt that it will change anything as the versions that Aeon Nox and CityHunter are using are all pre-VLC integration. Also no error messages or anything. As I just let it ran over night each time I can't tell how it behaved right before the freeze. The only thing that I noticed is that it apparently happens when switching between Views as I can see parts of another View overlaying the currently active View, will make a screenshot when it happens again, Oh and @Jason Carr you were right. The star ratings weren’t the issues as it still froze after I’ve removed it.
  2. Big Box Freeze Ups

    I’m kinda torn apart about this. I’ve had worked with eatkinola for months to get this plugin working and polished as I needed it and it’s hard to let go after such long time and I certainly don’t want to just throw it away, may it just be out of respect of eatkinolas dedication and hard work he had put into this. Also he wasn't online since saturday and probably doesn't even know about this issue, so I want to give him the chance and time to fix it. Also we just have discovered this issue very recently and CZ V2 is out for what now? 4 months? So either it isn’t as big of a problem for most of the users as it appears to be or very recent changes in the LB Beta caused this behavior, it’s hard to verify that without extensive testing. But I also agree that a native solution for this would be the best on the long run, so I highly appreciate that you want to add it! As V1 is still freely available and just misses a few additions and fine-tuning compared to V2 (if you ignore the whole video engine) I’ll just put up a warning in the download description and wait until either eatkinola found the issue or you have added native support for these features, which hopefully shouldn't be too long EDIT: It just came to my mind that it may be related to your latest changes of the star ratings as I also use the plug-in to display my own star rating banners inside the GamesDetailsView. I’ll remove that and let it run again through the night to see what happens.
  3. Big Box Freeze Ups

    Yes, I've tested it with the two most recent versions. Originally I let it run to check if another issue that I've found last week was gone after eatkinola had fixed it but instead I came across all those freezes.
  4. Big Box Freeze Ups

    So I let BigBox ran in Attract Mode with CriticalZone V1 and the latest LB beta for roughly 20 hours and absolutely no freezes at all on my end. I’ll do some more testing to confirm that but as of now I’m highly tending to say that the plugin from @eatkinola causes the freezes.
  5. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    You can also add the font as a plugin to your theme so that the users don’t have to install it on their system first. I’m not entirely sure how you do that as I never needed it but I’m sure that either @Grila or @eatkinola can help you with that
  6. Big Box Freeze Ups

    No, it's the multi-background video plug-in.
  7. Big Box Freeze Ups

    You could test other themes that don’t utilize the Themer plug-in by eatkinola and see if you experience the same freezes with them. Afaik it’s currently used in CriticalZone V2, City Hunter V2, Aoen Nox and Nostalgia.
  8. Big Box Freeze Ups

    I see. I’ve run the latest version of CriticalZone V2 in Attract Mode overnight the last few days to test its stability with the latest version of @eatkinola's themer plug-in and BigBox was frozen 3 of 4 times for me in the morning. So all the themes you are using use an older version of his plug-in as well, so it’s good to know that it's definitely not something that he had introduced recently. But I have yet to come to the conclusion if it’s related to his plug-in at all or if it’s an issue of BigBox itself. Can you say on which version of BigBox or theme you started to experience the freezes? Anyway, thanks to your info I have a better idea of what I need to test to identify the problem
  9. As a content creator myself I completely understand how much time can went in to this stuff but it’s a very thin line we have to walk here. We have hundreds of submissions to the database every day and it would be impossible to back check where they all originally came from as the huge majority all of the art and metadata comes from somewhere else in the internet. Of course it would be great if we had the permission of every artist but sometimes it’s very hard to tell who created it in the first place because there a lot of sources where you could potentially find artwork. For example there are tons of artwork packs out there (just think of alone the huge amount of different pre-loaded Raspberry Pi images), or the artwork was uploaded by another user to a different games database and it where taken from there, Google Search, etc. The longer the artwork is out there the harder it gets to identify the creator and at some point it’s even impossible. On top of that a user also created a LB plug-in where other users can easily upload artwork and metadata directly from their LB installation. So if a user has completed his setup with stuff from all around the internet or a user switches from HyperSpin/any other FE to LB they might just upload their whole collection to fill in all the blanks in the DB because they want to help out the community. These are just the downsides of an open database were everybody can contribute and I hope you can see in what position we are. Finally, if you see that work of yours was uploaded to our database without your permission and you want us to remove it than we will be happy to do that.
  10. Big Box Freeze Ups

    What theme are you using?
  11. The LaunchBox database is completely community driven and basically everyone with an account there can upload/update files and info’s. There are DB moderators who check each submission (for quality and accuracy) and approve or reject them, once a submission gets enough approvals over rejections it gets loaded into the DB. Every user can theoretically get moderation rights, once a user gets a specific amount of approved submissions he will be automatically promoted to moderator status. Unfortunately we have absolutely no way to verify from which source every submission originally comes from.
  12. CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    I may come back to it. It’s just that I’ve recently started a new job and the little free time I got now I’d like to spend with some other projects I still have on my table I just checked it and you’re right. The last time I’ve checked it BigBox showed the rating as stars instead of the raw numbers. Don’t know why @Jason Carr has changed that, the stars looked WAY better. That’s because CriticalZone V1 is bundled with LaunchBox itself and every file that comes with LB gets restored on startup to make sure that everything works as intended. So unfortunately there’s no way to get rid of it completely. V2 has yet to be added to the LB setup as the video engine still has some issues that we need to resolve before.
  13. CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    Yes, I always update all versions of CZ. Like neil already said you want the BlueBox version. Not sure what you mean, are you talking about the community ratings? Your personal ratings are shown as an ESRB like banner since V2.0. Personally I don't use any ratings at all and only added it because a few people were always asking about it over and over again. Now that BigBox natively supports them I have yet to decide if I'll add community ratings as banners as well or just remove the personal rating ones. And to be honest I highly tend to the latter solution because I just don't care enough about them to want to put more time and work on this and asking eatkinola to do the same as well.
  14. PC Game Themes (16:9)

    I have the feeling that your cinematics aren’t praised enough as they deserve it. So I just want to say thank you for all the work you put into these great videos, I really really like them
  15. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    Now that you are adding new fields to LB at the moment, is there any chance to finally get the „Max Players“ field added from the LBDB into LB?