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  1. CriticalCid


    I honestly can't remember if I have changed that as well. Open the affected View(s) and change the value of the Panel.ZIndex of the video border element from 5 to 1.
  2. CriticalCid

    Stretching Video to Fill Screen?

    Yes, there was a new property added for this: StretchVideo="true"
  3. CriticalCid

    PASC CE (Wip) Editor - video update

    I must admit that I’m still a little skeptical about a theme creator tool for Big Box but this does look really interesting. It definitely looks like a good balance of easy to use while being powerful enough to not restrict creativity. Great job! I’m just torn apart of what the existence of such a tool implies. The download section will probably be flooded with a giant wave of themes of questionable quality while the really good ones will be harder to find and don’t get the attention they’ll probably deserve. But on the other hand your tool will allow the creation of awesome themes that otherwise would have not seen the light of day. Depending how much the upcoming theme downloader inside Big Box will be curated this might be a non-issue anyway, so I’m guessing I’ll just wait and see what the community will do with it. This is definitely not criticism about your tool itself, I still think it looks really promising. I will most likely stay to directly code my themes with my beloved Notepad++ but I’m surely will take your tool for a ride once it has been released. What I’ve noticed is that the code of the View that you’ve shown was kinda large considering the number of elements used in this View. So I’m curious how the themes which will be created with this tool will perform on lower end systems. Another thing to note. I saw that your tool included the HelperControl plugin when you created the actual theme. Its features are now natively integrated into Big Box itself and therefor you don’t need it anymore. It would probably be better to also remove/replace it in your theme designer going forward
  4. CriticalCid


    I live nearby Stuttgart, Germany
  5. CriticalCid

    Aeon MQ7 [Preview Version]

    Aeon MQ7 v0.3 released! The new version requires LaunchBox v9.4 or higher! This update is mainly focused on fixing/improving things for the new theming changes that came with LB v9.4 I want to say that I have not forgotten about this theme but I don’t know when I will come back to it and finish it. Sorry to everybody who is waiting for new big updates. Changelog: v0.3 - 02.13.2019 - requires LB v9.4 or higher - Removed: The weather plugin by @Grila was removed as it's being broken at the moment. It will get re-added once it has been fixed. - Removed: The HelperControl plugin was removed as its functions are now integrated in Big Box itself - Fixed: The games count in the Platform Views now handles smaller and bigger numbers better - Updated: The theme was updated and tested for the new theming engine changes in LB v9.4 - Updated: The community rating is now rounded up to two decimal places
  6. CriticalCid


    No, they aren't the same and not all changes by Jason were incorporated. Especially his crazy fast disc spinning will never find a way into my version because I just don't like that at all (sorry Jason ) The wheel is definitely rounder now and looks much better than before.
  7. CriticalCid


    Only the backgrounds were converted to JPEG, all the other artwork is sill using PNG (and this won't change as JPEG doesn't support transparency which is mandotory for them) Unfortunately the theme doesn't support various file types, so you have to convert all your backgrounds to JPEG. I know that a big change like this is annyoing but I could reduce the size of the theme by 2/3, so I'm certain that's a win in the long run,.
  8. CriticalCid


    Unified 1.2 released! The new version requires LaunchBox v9.4 or higher! Please check the Changelog for everything that has changed. This update is mainly focused on fixing/improving things. Originally, I planned to only release a new version of Unified when I have something big to show like new Views. But due to all technical changes that happened in the past half year to LB I had to release this smaller update now to make sure that everything works fine going forward. I’m also sorry to let you guys hanging for so long but the two big projects I did last year (initial Unified release & recording over 1000 new HyperSpin MAME themes) + my new daily job drained me so much that I had absolutely no motivation to work on any projects or being very active in the forums. The good news is that working in this update got me excited about theming again. Of course I won’t promise anything. I took a lot of inspiration from the Unified versions/modifactions that @Jason Carr, @RetroHumanoid and @bmonomad did. I want to thank them big time for their work! Especially RetroHumanoid took the Unified concept with Refried to a whole new level and made it his own! Also a huge shoutout to @dragon57 for creating the new Unified logo. Sorry that it took me so long to actually add it to the theme. Changelog: v1.2 - 02.13.2019 - requires LB v9.4 or higher - General: The Add-on package was merged with the main theme. All media is now included in a single package - Removed: The weather plugin by @Grila was removed as it's being broken at the moment - Removed: The HelperControl plugin was removed as its functions are now integrated in Big Box itself - Updated: The theme was updated and tested for the new theming engine changes in LB v9.4 - Updated: All backgrounds were converted to maximum-quality JPEGs; reducing their size drastically (thanks @JasonCarr for the tip) If you have added and/or renamed some background images before you have to convert them to JPEG as well! Sorry for the inconvinience - Updated: Some backgrounds were replaced with new ones (the old ones were moved to the "Alt" folder) (thanks @RetroHumanoid) - Updated: The TextList Games View now uses the normal Game Boxes element, which means that you can now switch there between the Image Types (and probably have to if you want to use 3D Boxes) -Fixed: Due to the above change does the "Flip Box" function now work again in the Games Details screen if you have "2D Boxes" selected as your current Image Type - Updated: The Main Menu and Option Views now feature custom artwork + there is finally a logo for the theme (in the style of the HyperSpin logo). Thanks @dragon57 - Updated: The size and position of the wheel was changed a bit. It's now farther away from the pointer and therefore it's not overlapping it all the time. Also it fades away more smothly now. - Updated: All Clear Logos, Boxart, Carts and Discs now have a slight Drop Shadow (thanks @Jason Carr) - Updated: The sizes of the Box and Cart/Disc Art were slightly changed throughout all Views - Fixed: Top bar modified to prevent triangle corner overlap issues (thanks @JasonCarr) - Fixed: The TextList list is now over the Platform/Playlist logo and doesn't get covered from very wide logos anymore. - Fixed: The Cart and Disc art now appear in higher quality - Fixed: The theme didn’t show the proper artwork for playlists in some cases - Added: A bunch of new icons were added/replaced (thanks @ bmonomad) - Replaced the icon for favorite games - New icon for completed games - The rating was replaced with star icons - Added: Logos and backgrounds for 3 new playlists were added. (thanks @RetroHumanoid) - Ball & Paddle Games - Maze Games - Multigame
  9. CriticalCid

    CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    CriticalZone v2.3 released! This update is mainly focused on fixing/improving things for the new theming changes that come with LB v9.4 Unfortunately, I had to scrap the background video plugin as it wasn’t compatible with LB v9.4 anymore. You can now only set up a single background video throughout the whole theme. Sorry for the inconvenience. The Default version that is bundled with LaunchBox will get updated automatically but if you use one of the versions from the download section make sure to update them now as they won’t work under LB v9.4 anymore! I also updated my two other themes “Aeon MQ7” and “Unified”. They will get released once the stable version of LB v9.4 comes out as they will require it but the CriticalZone update should work fine with any previous LB versions. Changelog:
  10. CriticalCid

    CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    Go to your Big Box options -> Game Details -> make sure you don’t have „Game Notes” unchecked
  11. CriticalCid

    CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    That's weird, it works just fine for me. Does the description work in Horizontal 1 for you? Both Views are almost identical just with a different wheel size. The logo has to be dynamic in order to work with playlists which contain games from different systems. You are probably referring to a screenshot which shows the old 1.8 version. If you prefer that Just take the "HorizontalWheel3GamesView.xaml" file from the "Views" folder of 1.8 and replace the one in your V2 version with it
  12. CriticalCid


    I'm sorry to tell you that my stance on this hasn’t changed and I don’t think it ever will. I barely find time or motivation to work on the long overdue update for Unified so working on a time-consuming rework of the theme is completely out of question for now and the foreseeable future for me. Of course, everybody should feel free convert the theme themselves. Unfortunately I dont have any templates I could share but you honestly don't really need any because they are as basic as it can get. Just use the arcade cab artwork or the video borders that are coming with the theme and place them in center of your video, the rest is just very basic moving of images and fading the video in and out. I have absolutely no clue about After Effects or video editing in general but it probably took me only 1 or 2 hours to teach myself everything I needed to create these. Don't forget to share your results
  13. CriticalCid

    Steam Scraper

    This plugin made it finally possible to get my gigantic Steam library (over 6000) manageable in LaunchBox. Around a third of my Steam games have no entry in the LB database but with this plugin I was finally able to get some useful metadata for all of them inside LB. The inclusion of Steam tags also made searching and filtering for specific games so much faster and comfortable for huge libraries like mine. The only downside for crazy Steam games collectors like me is that you shouldn’t scrape more than around 150 games at once or the plugin just stops scraping at some point without telling you. But that’s just a minor annoyance and an edge case anyway so it’s absolutely fine for me.
  14. CriticalCid

    Refried Theme Platform Video Set

    It’s incredible how quickly you have put those high quality videos out, I really really dig them. Nonetheless there are 2 videos that trigger my OCD. The character you’ve used for the Apple II videos is from the Prince of Persia reboot series which is something completely different than the original Prince of Persia game that was released on the Apple II. So it kinda feels wrong to me to see him representing this platform. Something similar goes for Sora that you’ve used for the PSP. Yes, there is a Kingdom Hearts game on this handheld but that’s also the only game in this series where Sora isn’t the main character and I’m not even sure if he does appear in it at all. With that said it would be great if you could pump out alternative version of these 2 platforms with different characters