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  1. CriticalCid

    CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    Go to your Big Box options -> Game Details -> make sure you don’t have „Game Notes” unchecked
  2. CriticalCid

    CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    That's weird, it works just fine for me. Does the description work in Horizontal 1 for you? Both Views are almost identical just with a different wheel size. The logo has to be dynamic in order to work with playlists which contain games from different systems. You are probably referring to a screenshot which shows the old 1.8 version. If you prefer that Just take the "HorizontalWheel3GamesView.xaml" file from the "Views" folder of 1.8 and replace the one in your V2 version with it
  3. CriticalCid


    I'm sorry to tell you that my stance on this hasn’t changed and I don’t think it ever will. I barely find time or motivation to work on the long overdue update for Unified so working on a time-consuming rework of the theme is completely out of question for now and the foreseeable future for me. Of course, everybody should feel free convert the theme themselves. Unfortunately I dont have any templates I could share but you honestly don't really need any because they are as basic as it can get. Just use the arcade cab artwork or the video borders that are coming with the theme and place them in center of your video, the rest is just very basic moving of images and fading the video in and out. I have absolutely no clue about After Effects or video editing in general but it probably took me only 1 or 2 hours to teach myself everything I needed to create these. Don't forget to share your results
  4. CriticalCid

    Steam Scraper

    This plugin made it finally possible to get my gigantic Steam library (over 6000) manageable in LaunchBox. Around a third of my Steam games have no entry in the LB database but with this plugin I was finally able to get some useful metadata for all of them inside LB. The inclusion of Steam tags also made searching and filtering for specific games so much faster and comfortable for huge libraries like mine. The only downside for crazy Steam games collectors like me is that you shouldn’t scrape more than around 150 games at once or the plugin just stops scraping at some point without telling you. But that’s just a minor annoyance and an edge case anyway so it’s absolutely fine for me.
  5. CriticalCid

    Refried Theme Platform Video Set

    It’s incredible how quickly you have put those high quality videos out, I really really dig them. Nonetheless there are 2 videos that trigger my OCD. The character you’ve used for the Apple II videos is from the Prince of Persia reboot series which is something completely different than the original Prince of Persia game that was released on the Apple II. So it kinda feels wrong to me to see him representing this platform. Something similar goes for Sora that you’ve used for the PSP. Yes, there is a Kingdom Hearts game on this handheld but that’s also the only game in this series where Sora isn’t the main character and I’m not even sure if he does appear in it at all. With that said it would be great if you could pump out alternative version of these 2 platforms with different characters
  6. CriticalCid

    Unified Refried

    You took the concept of Unified to the next level and I’m really happy to see that my little theme led the creation of this jewel. It' very polished and I really love your own spin on it.
  7. CriticalCid

    Steam Scraper

    I just found a minor issue with the descriptions. Your plugin apparently adds some characters as HTML code into the notes field.
  8. CriticalCid

    Steam Scraper

    Custom Fields can only hold single values. Sure, you could add everything into a single one separated with whatever you like but that will be handled by LaunchBox like a giant long value which would make it impossible to filter by it without using Custom Playlists and even more difficult to change or remove specific tags. Personally I prefer it like it is now but faydesmee’s approach definitely also has its advantages. An option where the users can select between these two would be indeed very useful in my opinion.
  9. CriticalCid

    Steam Scraper

    Oh man, sorry to hear that. I hope it’s nothing serious
  10. CriticalCid

    Steam Scraper

    I just tested both games and it seems to work well now. Thank you very much Now I only have to figure out what’s the sweet spot when scraping multiple games as your plugin also stops working at some point when you select too many games at once. Any news on adding the Tags?
  11. CriticalCid

    Steam Scraper

    I’ve now tested your new version and the two issues that you’ve fixed seem to be solved! Unfortunately do weird store pages like the Back to the Future episodes still cause the plugin to stop. I’ve tested my collection even further (up to the letter D) and found other entries that cause the same problem: the Double Fine Adventure documentary series https://store.steampowered.com/app/402591/
  12. CriticalCid

    Steam Scraper

    The important part is to know that Custom Fields are Single Value fields, but you can assign multiple fields of the same name to a game at once. Basically that means that you have to add every Steam tag in a separate 'Tags' field. Regarding the .xml file are Custom Fields added at the end of the respective platform file. Field by field and game by game. For example it could look like this: <CustomField> <GameID>b9672d53-8441-4f4d-8182-be6d7ccc85cd</GameID> <Name>Tags</Name> <Value>Female Protagonist</Value> </CustomField> <CustomField> <GameID>b9672d53-8441-4f4d-8182-be6d7ccc85cd</GameID> <Name>Tags</Name> <Value>Arcade</Value> </CustomField> <CustomField> <GameID>b9672d53-8441-4f4d-8182-be6d7ccc85cd</GameID> <Name>Tags</Name> <Value>Bullet Hell</Value> </CustomField> <CustomField> <GameID>3f356fb4-a46a-457e-b71e-0d1879a64f92</GameID> <Name>Tags</Name> <Value>Bullet Hell</Value> </CustomField> <CustomField> <GameID>20efdc4d-5eab-45ef-b11f-e09c31d588d9</GameID> <Name>Tags</Name> <Value>Bullet Hell</Value> </CustomField> </LaunchBox> In this case you have 3 games were one game has 3 different Tags while the other two games only have a single tag.
  13. CriticalCid

    Steam Scraper

    Wow, that was fast! Good job. Ah, sure. I didn’t know that you only rely on the Steam API because as far as I understand does the term ‘scraping’ suggest to not need any and take the data the ‘rough’ way. And your tool is called ‘Steam Scraper’ after all I completely understand that you want to keep your plugin in completely legal terms and I’m sure that Jason is also appreciating it, so I would never ask you to do it otherwise. While I personally would really love to have the tags in LB (which would make your plugin perfect for me), I certainly don’t want to push you into a giant maintenance job by adding a second API, so I can completely understand if you would decide that it’s not worth it.
  14. CriticalCid

    Steam Scraper

    In your linked document is “Categories” the data that I meant with “Flags”. Regarding Tags I know that other tools are able to scrape it. For example Depressurizer: https://github.com/Depressurizer/Depressurizer I’m no developer but maybe its source code can help you figuring it out. Gotcha. Currently it's quite tedious because your plugin constantly stops when it hits a game with no (proper) steam store page but once you've fixed this issue it should be alright. A message when the scraping is finished or ran into a problem would be neat none the less
  15. CriticalCid

    Steam Scraper

    I found the issue for most of them. Your plugin does indeed download the media without any problems but LaunchBox can’t find it because they all have an apostrophe in the file name and LB doesn’t like that. If you replace the apostrophe in the file name with an underscore they show up just fine. Unfortunately I haven't figured out yet what's the problem with: //N.P.P.D. RUSH//- The milk of Ultraviolet EDIT: Also found the issue for N.P.P.D. RUSH. LB apparently wants a single underscore as substitute for multiple slashes instead of one for each slash