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  1. CriticalCid

    [EmuMovies] 2000 new video themes for MAME

    I have nothing to do with the technical site of it nor do I use the sync app, so I can't really say anything about it. I'll tag @circo and let him answer that.
  2. CriticalCid

    Bounty: BigBox full console-like theme

    Yeah, the Wall/Grid View is really limited in its current state. What you see in AeonMQ is the best solution I could come up with while I was trying to achieve something similar like you have in mind. The only way to get a better solution is either for Jason to revamp the whole control element for this View or coding a custom plugin for it like Grila suggested but of course is the plugin development far more time intensive and complex than just creating a theme.
  3. CriticalCid

    Bounty: BigBox full console-like theme

    Hey alfredolvera, I noticed that you have tagged every person from the Unified credits in your first post. I think I should point out that Viking, RetroHumanoid and I are the only Big Box theme developers in this list, so the others can't really help you with your request.
  4. CriticalCid


    Sounds like you don't have set up the correct Views for these platforms. In Big Box go to: Options -> Views -> Make sure that „Remember separate View for each platform” is checked. Than go either to the Keyboard Mappings or the Controller Buttons settings and set up a key/button for “Switch View”. Now you can go back to your platforms and switch the games Views for each platform individually on the fly.
  5. CriticalCid


    Thanks I also want to thank everyone who answered any questions and helped out in this thread while I was gone. You guys rock!
  6. CriticalCid


    All right guys, I’m back and I’ll slowly go through this thread and try to answer every question that's still open. If I accidentally forget a question, feel free to post it again. Maybe some of them but first I’ll have to check all changes that Jason did with Redux in detail and then I'll see what I want to apply of it on the main Unified theme. I'll add the backgrounds back in the next version. That way it'll be just a simple edit in the theme code by changing a value from "true" to "false" if you want to turn the stretching off. Open the .xaml files of all game views and search for the following lines: <!-- BACKGROUND --> <TextBlock x:Name="BackgroundFileName" Visibility="Collapsed"> <TextBlock.Text> <MultiBinding StringFormat="{}pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Themes/Unified/Images/Theme/Background/{0}.png"> <Binding Path="FilterTitle" /> </MultiBinding> </TextBlock.Text> </TextBlock> <Image x:Name="BackgroundImage" Grid.ColumnSpan="7" Grid.RowSpan="8" Source="{Binding Text, ElementName=BackgroundFileName, FallbackValue='pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Themes/Unified/Images/Theme/Background/_Default.png'}" Opacity="100" Panel.ZIndex="0" Stretch="Fill" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="HighQuality" /> Simply replace all these lines with this: <!-- BACKGROUND --> <transitions:TransitionPresenter TransitionSelector="{Binding BackgroundTransitionSelector}" Content="{Binding BackgroundView}" Grid.ColumnSpan="7" Grid.RowSpan="8" Panel.ZIndex="0" Height="{Binding ElementName=Canvas, Path=ActualHeight}" Width="{Binding ElementName=Canvas, Path=ActualWidth}" IsContentVideo="true" /> Unfortunately not at the moment. I don't have a way to determine what aspect ratio a video has so I can't dynamically change the graphic assets based on that. That's definitely possible by pointing Unified to the 2D boxess but @Jason Carr is gonna work with me on a better solution for this. Hopefully it will be already included in the next version of Unified, so stay tuned That's possible but would require some work for me to get the position of the game logo right. Right now I'm focusing on working on the next version of Unified so I won't do any personal customization requests at this point. I'll maybe come back to you at a later time but at this moment I have to pass, sorry. Search in .xaml files of all Platform and Game Views for the part that starts with <!-- DATE, TIME AND WEATHER --> and remove following the lines beneath it. Tell me if that works for you <TextBlock Text=" " FontFamily="{StaticResource FontBebasNeue}" FontSize="35" VerticalAlignment="Center" DockPanel.Dock="Right" /> <g:GrilaWeather ShowUnits="True" ShowLocation="False" ShowTemp="True" ShowConditions="True" ItemSpacing="10" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Foreground="GhostWhite" FontFamily="{StaticResource FontBebasNeue}" MaxHeight="45" DockPanel.Dock="Right" Margin="0,0,0,0" />
  7. Hey guys, I’m back from my break and I have a little surprise for you that I’ve been working on since quite a while. I’ve recorded almost 2000(!) new HyperSpin video themes for your MAME games! They are now available from EmuMovies directly through LaunchBox or from the EmuMovies FTP. You’ll need a EmuMovies premium membership in order to get them! All credits go to the original theme creators over at the HyperSpin forums. You guys do an amazing job! What’s new: 1665 new video themes for previously uncovered games (lots of Mahjong and Casino stuff, but also many ‘real’ games) 221 updated videos for already existing games with higher-quality themes* 55 new Mature themes** EmuMovies now features 3764 videos themes for different MAME games in total + 300 alternative theme versions! * All videos that were replaced with new ones were moved to the following folder on the EmuMovies FTP: /Official/Video Themes (HD)/MAME - Alternatives (Video Themes - Unified)(4x3)(HD)(CriticalCid 1.4) You can still grab them there if you prefer them for whatever reason. ** Mature Themes are only available on the EmuMovies FTP. They can’t be downloaded directly through LaunchBox! You can find them under: /Official/Video Themes (HD)/MAME - Mature (Video Themes - Unified)(4x3)(HD)(CriticalCid 1.4) Important Note: If you have already downloaded any MAME video themes and you want to get all the new updated ones I highly suggest that you delete all the MAME video themes that you currently have and re-download the whole set again. Otherwise you will only get the ones for the games that don’t already have a video theme and you won’t get any of the updated themes as LB never overwrites/replaces any of your videos. Unfortunately there’s no better way around that yet. Sorry about your bandwidth. You can find the video which you currently have in your setup in: ”..\ LaunchBox\Videos\PLATFORMNAME\Theme” How to download the new video themes: Method A: In LaunchBox Make sure that you’ve entered your EmuMovies account information in the options. In LaunchBox go to the platform in which you have imported all your MAME games. Select all games with CTRL + A. Click on Tools -> Download Metadata and Media -> Next -> Next –> “Select None” and click on Next –> First click on “Select None” than scroll down the list and check “Video - Theme” -> Next -> “Yes, but do not replace any existing media or fields” -> Next -> Wait until all video themes were downloaded. Done. If you also want the Mature videos for your adult games check download method b). Method B: From the EmuMovies FTP Go to the EmuMovies FTP (more information about that can be found on the EmuMovies website). Navigate to “/Official/Video Themes (HD)/” choose one of the 3 MAME sets that you want and open its folder. Select all vidoes with CTRL + A and download them on your PC to: ”..\ LaunchBox\Videos\PLATFORMNAME\Theme” Of course PLATFORMNAME stands for the platform in which you have imported all your MAME games.
  8. CriticalCid


    Unfortunately that's not possible at the moment.
  9. CriticalCid

    CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    Yes, the default games count doesn't include games in playlists. There are some theme plugins that bypass this limitation but unfortunately they don't fit quite into CriticalZone. So unfortunately you'll have to wait until @Jason Carr does something about that.
  10. CriticalCid


    You would need to completely mirror the whole theme structure and image files inside the theme code. Unfortunately that's too much additional work for me to maintain and update two completely different builds of the theme, sorry.
  11. CriticalCid


    You can edit the various properties of the wheel element in the theme code. What each property does can be looked up in the documentation.pdf file inside the Themes folder. You could also check the Wheel Views in CriticalZone to see how the properties are set there
  12. CriticalCid

    Steam Theme?

    My Aeon MQ7 theme also features a modified wall view. It was designed to fit with all types of boxes so I'm not sure if it's anything what you're looking for
  13. CriticalCid

    CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    Sure. Like I said you'll have to edit the ThemeSettings.xml file for this. Just increase the BackgroundFadeValue and you should be good to go. By default it should be 10 so increasing it to 20, 30 or 40 should be fine.
  14. CriticalCid


    Make sure that you replace the whole part with your new font name. Do you have the Arcade font installed on your PC or do you just use the one that comes as a plugin .dll file with CityHunter? I would highly advice to have the font installed on your PC and type in the font name directly. Don’t use the .dll files or theme code of other themes for it because it won’t work without additional steps if you just replace the FontFamily code with the FontFamily code of another theme.
  15. CriticalCid

    CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    Unfortunately you can only have one GamesDetailsView per theme. Like Kelto and Neil have correctly said you can bypass this by creating a new theme and use the switch theme option. I also really like you modifications. Great job! Which fade do you exactly mean? The general brightness fade or the fading between multiple background videos? If it’s the brightness than that’s by design and hardcoded in the theme. You can change it by opening the ThemeSettings.xml in the CriticalZone folder and change the BackgroundFadeValue to your liking. Just be aware that this won’t work with the version that comes directly with LB as LB will set the settings back to default once you start Big Box, so you'll have to use the version from the download section.