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  1. That’s pretty simple as you already have the complete database as .xml file in your LaunchBox directory (Path: LaunchBox\Metadata\Metadata.xml). You have various options to choose from like simply open the metadata.xml file in a text editor or open it in a dedicated XML viewer/editor. Personally I would recommend to import the Data into Excel and use all the great filter and search functions it offers. If you search “import xml into excel” you’ll surely get a ton of good tutorials on how to do this.
  2. Yes, that’s normal. You should also run the Scanner over the rebuilt set once it’s finished. Be aware that rebuilding a complete MAME set can take a few hours.
  3. The result should be exactly the same. I’m not sure if the Merger is faster or not but when you have the Rebuilder already running I would just stay with it and don’t stop it.
  4. The easiest way to convert a full ROMset like that is by using the Merger. You can find it in the menu between the Rebuilder and the Settings. Just choose the merging type you want and let it work. Once it's finished you should also run the Scanner to make sure that everything is fine and tidy.
  5. I’m not sure if anything can be done. At least it would be a pain to figure that one out as the workaround to fix the DPI issues is already implemented. Actually, it behaves the complete opposite as I would expect it as the workaround tends to add more blank space on the right side of the text the higher your DPI settings are. Most likely, some recent BigBox changes broke the workaround as you are the first ones to mention this issue since V2 was released over 2 years ago. I’ll see what I can do once I get your feedback.
  6. That could definitely be the case. Was it always like that or has this changed over time? Can you test it with DPI set to 100%?
  7. I see, Something must have changed since then that I wasn't aware of. Great to hear that it's finally working
  8. I honestly have no idea why it's not working for you. I re-did that View and uploaded the whole theme folder. Could you try it with this version? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CslJETFhDa6g8qSX59p590L6w4cO1G1v
  9. Weird, it’s working perfectly fine on my end. What version of Big Box do you use? Do you use the latest version of CriticalZone - Blue Box? Is it exactly the same error or just one that looks similar?
  10. Hey @JamesBond@ge, I haven’t actively ignored you. I’ve more like forgot your request. I try to visit the forum regularly to be up to date on what’s going with LB and the community but in most cases I don’t have the time to respond immediately to messages, not to even speak of tailoring my themes to extra wishes. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes I forget about messages that reach me when I just took a quick look on the forums, please believe me that it was no ill will against you from my side. I understand that it might be frustrating to feel like being ignored but I would highly appreciate it if you don’t accuse other people of lower motives without any reason. Nevertheless, as I feel bad that I have forgotten about you I just took the time and immediately started to edit the View to your wishes. Here you go: Wheel3GamesView.xaml
  11. That's an easy fix. Open LaunchBox -> Tools -> Options -> Background Priorities -> uncheck "Clear Logo"
  12. Yeah, unfortunately the plugin doesn’t show you when it’s working or when it’s finished. I usually check the videos folder and sort them by date, this way I can see if new videos appear and when that stops I can safely assume that it’s finished. You may also have to reload the image cache for the scraped games to get LB to recognize all the new stuff.
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