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  1. CriticalCid

    CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    Yes, the default games count doesn't include games in playlists. There are some theme plugins that bypass this limitation but unfortunately they don't fit quite into CriticalZone. So unfortunately you'll have to wait until @Jason Carr does something about that.
  2. CriticalCid


    You would need to completely mirror the whole theme structure and image files inside the theme code. Unfortunately that's too much additional work for me to maintain and update two completely different builds of the theme, sorry.
  3. CriticalCid


    You can edit the various properties of the wheel element in the theme code. What each property does can be looked up in the documentation.pdf file inside the Themes folder. You could also check the Wheel Views in CriticalZone to see how the properties are set there
  4. CriticalCid

    Steam Theme?

    My Aeon MQ7 theme also features a modified wall view. It was designed to fit with all types of boxes so I'm not sure if it's anything what you're looking for
  5. CriticalCid

    CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    Sure. Like I said you'll have to edit the ThemeSettings.xml file for this. Just increase the BackgroundFadeValue and you should be good to go. By default it should be 10 so increasing it to 20, 30 or 40 should be fine.
  6. CriticalCid


    Make sure that you replace the whole part with your new font name. Do you have the Arcade font installed on your PC or do you just use the one that comes as a plugin .dll file with CityHunter? I would highly advice to have the font installed on your PC and type in the font name directly. Don’t use the .dll files or theme code of other themes for it because it won’t work without additional steps if you just replace the FontFamily code with the FontFamily code of another theme.
  7. CriticalCid

    CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    Unfortunately you can only have one GamesDetailsView per theme. Like Kelto and Neil have correctly said you can bypass this by creating a new theme and use the switch theme option. I also really like you modifications. Great job! Which fade do you exactly mean? The general brightness fade or the fading between multiple background videos? If it’s the brightness than that’s by design and hardcoded in the theme. You can change it by opening the ThemeSettings.xml in the CriticalZone folder and change the BackgroundFadeValue to your liking. Just be aware that this won’t work with the version that comes directly with LB as LB will set the settings back to default once you start Big Box, so you'll have to use the version from the download section.
  8. CriticalCid

    Theme XAML Request/Idea

    Unfortunately it’s not supported at the moment and it will always stay centered. I don’t know if you could do some workarounds to achieve that like moving the left part of the wheel out of the screen or something like that but afaik did @Grila already tinker with it for his BigForce theme and didn’t come up with a really satisfying solution either. So I guess it’s up to Jason or maybe a plugin developer to create a proper solution.
  9. CriticalCid


    Yeah, officially it’s written with a space even though I find it quite inconsistent considering LaunchBox is written without a space. I guess I'll just take what's going to look better in my eyes. Thanks again for your work! I’m not sure when I’ll release the update because I want to include some more things before I’ll release a new version and I’m currently taking a break from theming and focuse on some other projects of mine. I hope it won’t be too long before I come up with an update. Stay tuned guys
  10. CriticalCid


    At the moment you can't without editing the whole View by yourself. You will be able to simply replace it once I released the new update for the theme. I don't know when the update will be ready, so unfortunately I have to ask you to wait a little.
  11. CriticalCid


    I tried to do something similiar when I first started working on Unified, unfortunately it seems you can't natively add outlines to a text without coding a plugin for that. And honestly I like it the way it currently is, so I don't know if I would even add that when someone would came up with a plugin for that.
  12. CriticalCid


    Simple but effective, thanks for that, it looks great! @dragon57 I'm so sorry for asking you again, but could you also great a a "Big Box" in that style?
  13. CriticalCid


    Awesome! Thank you so so much! That's how it currently looks like. If anyone wants to create a custom background for it I would really appreciate it
  14. CriticalCid


    Unfortunately not. I also don't have any plans to create those as I use @RetroHumanoid's awesome category videos for my own setup at the moment and don't feel the need to replace them for quite a while.