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Moving from HyperSpin To launchbox


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Hey guys, I Just started last week To mess around with HyperSpin. However, I Just found out about launchbox and I fell in love with it instantly. Long story short I want To change from HyperSpin To Launchbox. The problema is that my friend set up a 5TB HD configured with HyperSpin. All my roms are On This HD. I think there's only 45gb Let. Is This enough To put launchbox On This HD or should I by a new one? 

Also, if I have To buy a new HD, I presume I can Just copy and paste my roms To launchbox, right? How I can download de media data of launchbox? 

At last, can I use a USB gamepad and arcade USB controllers with launchbox? 


Thanks in advance guys! 

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I would prune out some of your games, ones you don't like, duplicates, that sort of thing, but no, probably not. After all is said and done, if you download all of the media available (including video from EmuMovies), it will exceed 45GB fast. I have 30k games and my install is over 110GB. If you buy a new hard drive, all your games can stay exactly where they are. I would suggest you watch some of the tutorials on our YouTube channel by clicking the Tutorials button at the top. It should really help the most in figuring out LB. The SNES Beginner tutorial (the updated one), is the best place to start. It assumes the users watching don't know LaunchBox or the emulator of choice in that tutorial which is RetroArch.

You can also use almost any USB Controller with LB, as long as they're xinput, that's the best option. Big Box (LaunchBox Premium) is the best for a controller as it's completely oriented for a controller, but LaunchBox it's self has some basic functionality with a controller. You can enable it in the options menu. Controller Automation is also a great compliment for a controller as well, but I can't remember if that is a feature behind LB Premium. LaunchBox doesn't control or have anything to do with giving your controller instructions when it comes to playing your games, that's all left up to the emulator. The only thing LB can do is Controller Automation behavior.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask, and check out the tutorials when you get a chance, they'll help the most:



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