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DX Error on Upgrade to 7.0 Stable


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I got the following error message during the upgrade installation for 7.0 stable.  The download was taking a while so I stepped away from my computer and when I returned I found this error on the screen.  The application still launches fine and I'm not seeing any problems but figured I'd ask if I should do anything.  I assume this is when the elevated prompt to install DX was there but possibly timed out?  Can I run the stable install over top of my current installation again?



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If your DirectX is already up-to-date, you can ignore it. Chances are good you are already up-to-date anyway if you play a lot of current PC games as the installers always include the DirectX End-User Runtime for whatever version of DirectX the game uses (80% of the time DX9). I'm not absolutely certain about this, but I don't think LB/BB uses DirectX for anything other than it's Xinput/DInput APIs anyway and I'm pretty sure it's using DX9, which hasn't been updated since 2008 (when Xinput and XAudio2 were added, if I remember right), but I could be wrong on the version. You could re-install the LB update again or just download the DirectX End-User Web Installer directly from Microsoft, if you just want peace of mind about it. The error was likely caused, as you figured, by not accepting at the UAC pop-up.


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