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Official Full Famicom Artwork Thread


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This project is a work in progress and is around 15 percent complete there are roughly 400 front covers

Alright so I attempted this once before with little success but this time I will not be bested by the notorious Famicom. For those of you not in the know I have once before tried to scrap together all the little pieces from all corners of the interwebs a comprehensive famicom collection. It was hard to do for a varity of reasons. One of the most obvious being that there wasnt (at the time) a comprehensive list of games. The second is that i myself dont speak Japanese (this is a minor hang-up but when you are sorting out games with multiple sequels without proper numbering it can be a tad bit frustrating) The third is that little effort has been put into such a project before. This is criminal. The historical preservation of art is one of the things that makes launchbox so special to me. My goal by the end of this project is to have a comprehensive cateloge of famicom art. First things first is that I am going to focus on the frontbox art of the famicom games. Everything else is secondary. I will work outward. The most comprehensive list of games comes from a little forum called: http://www.famicomworld.com/forum/index.php?topic=468.15

They are talking about japan only games. This will be the easiest to tackle first. I have completed up to the third year of famicoms line up the games i need left are below in the next comment section.

Here is a FAQ's

I got some artwork that you dont have/ I got some artwork that is better than what you: 

Thank you for making my life just a tiny bit more easier, post it down below!

Some of the downloads aren't named correctly or just have weird names:

Im aware, it will be fixed as far as I know but in due time. Again, I dont speak japanese

Some are HD pixel perfect and others are a mess:

Im aware, I always choose the largest and most clearest but at the end of the day i am doing this out historical preservation and this is all we got, sadly. Better than nothing I suppose.

Are you going to do clear logos, screen shots, stuff like that

One thing at a time.


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