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New Mouse (Logitech G602)


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Well, last night my mouse died on me - first it was double-clicking with every left-click and then it just stopped being able to left-click at all. It's a shame because it's my favorite mouse of all time. It's a Mionix Naos 5000. Mionix has a newer model (the 5000 is out of production), but it doesn't have all of the same features - namely weight adjustment and DPI switch step LEDs. It's the most comfortable mouse I've ever used by a mile. Not a whole lot of bling other than customizable LED color, but I was fine with that. It "only" had 5 buttons (left, right, middle, and two thumb buttons) but that was also plenty for most situations. I loved the weight adjustment because I like a hefty mouse (I made it as heavy as possible). I hate super lightweight mice (I think it's actually "mouses" when referring to the input peripheral variety but that sounds completely retarded). I had an unused freebie Razer Abyssus 1800 in my closet so I hooked that up last night as a placeholder - it felt like a plastic toy. If you could get a mouse out of a vending machine, pretty sure that's what it would feel like. The sensor accuracy also felt atrocious. The lift off distance was also completely insane - I picked it up and moved it around about 3 inches off the pad and the cursor just kept on a-truckin'. "Nope, this has gotta go ASAP."

So today I picked up a Logitech G602 from Best Buy for $40. It had good reviews, was at a pretty good price, and I'd used an MX 518 years ago which I liked quite a bit until it finally bit the dust (that was actually what I used prior to the Naos 5000). It's the first wireless mouse I've ever used. I'd avoided them in the past because I'd read about latency issues, but the G602 is supposed to be quite good on that count so I thought I'd give it a go.

My initial thoughts:

1. It's comfortable. Not as comfortable as the Naos 5000, but that doesn't mean it's uncomfortable. I miss the Naos' extreme ergonomics on the right-side where your ring and pinky finger rested on the mouse rather than dangling over the side/on the pad. That said, it still feels pretty darn good in the hand. It's got a nice grippy texture on the sides (it's kindof gritty - a bit like some kind of soft sandpaper) and a rubbery pad on the top. I'm a palm gripper for those who care about such things.

2. It doesn't have weight adjustment, but because it's wireless it does have batteries which serve the same purpose. You can apparently remove one of the two AA's and it'll continue to function (reducing the weight in the process). I read some reviews that listed the weight (heavy) as a con, but it's a big pro for me. Weight-wise it feels very similar to the Naos 5000 with all weights installed.

3. Sensor accuracy seems very good. This is something that requires a lot more testing to say definitively, but it definitely "feels" really good so far. It also seems to be pretty good (low) on the lift off distance side. 

4. Holy shit this thing has a lot of buttons; not as many as the ones that have like an entire numpad on the thumb side (which I think is a bit much honestly) but way more than I'm used to (11 as opposed to 5). It has six thumb buttons (two rows of three), left, right, middle, and two off to the left of the left click (which function as DPI switches by default). There is a DPI step LED indicator which is nice but it's a little smaller than I'd like - the Naos 5000's indicators were larger/easier to read at a glance. The buttons are all pretty well-defined and I think once I get used to them I should be able to find/use them all as needed given enough practice. The default binding for back/forward browser functions isn't what I expected - I thought it would be the ones closest to me (back) and the middle one (forward) on the bottom row. They are on the bottom row but it's the middle one (back) and the furthest one (forward). It feels a little bit weird to me, but this should be adjustable via the Logitech software (which I haven't messed with yet).

5. Input latency is negligible and nigh-on imperceptible. Again, this is a "time will tell" kind of thing, but I don't anticipate having any issues whatsoever on this front.

I'll be giving this some thorough testing in D3 tonight. So far though, it seems pretty solid.

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