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  1. All you have to do is setup the emulator like I have in the opening post: And then import the Game IDs like you would any other rom: Make sure you check the "use folder names" box in the importer like I show in the video. The games themselves are already included with ParaJVE. The only thing the Game IDs are doing is telling ParaJVE which one of them you want it to launch.
  2. It's a weird quirk of the forums, removing and then readding them to the post usually fixes it. They should be fixed now. And no. There might be (probably is) a site for that, but I just experiment.
  3. Couple new ones - a higher contrast version of Esper and a new one called Junker which is a much more neutral version. I don't really prefer that look but I know some do. It's actually fairly close to my JVC CRT. Download: Zombs Shaders 11-6-19.7z E01-Esper: E02-Esper-Contrast: J01-Junker: No shader: E01-Esper: E02-Esper-Contrast: J01-Junker: No shader:
  4. FYI about the QuitKey error from a little while back, Frode sent me a message this morning: @Styphelus
  5. I'm not sure if the language difference in the path is significant. It might be. I've asked Frode about it.
  6. Unfortunately, it would require a major rework to work correctly with curvature.
  7. New preset: Esper I recently swapped out my Sanyo 27" CRT for a nicer JVC AV-27530 27" CRT. It's quite nice and I've been playing a number of consoles on it recently and it got me in the mood to work on a more "traditional" scanline preset, so this is the result. I think it turned out pretty well, so I'm sure I'll make some further iterations of this. One added bonus is that this one's not nearly as finicky about the dimensions of the content as most of the others, as I did some experimenting with scaling based on viewport rather than source or absolute dimensions which seems to have worked quite well, so I may look into applying that to earlier presets to see if I can replicate the behavior there as well. Download: Zombs Shaders 11-2-19.7z No shader: Esper: No shader: Esper: No shader: Esper: No shader: Esper: No shader: Esper: No shader: Esper: No shader: Esper: No shader: Esper:
  8. I'm expecting great things from this man.
  9. What's the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? Oh uh, also, welcome!
  10. The two paths you show there are not the same. C:\\Users\\[something]\\Appdata\\Local\\Temp\\fs-uae-laba8fx2\\DH0\\BlackGoldreLINE\\data\\Games\\ C:\\Benutzer\\[something]\\Appdata\\Local\\Temp\\fs-uae-qn9zxugm\\DH0\\BlackGoldreLINE\\data\\Games\\
  11. I mean what I said. They're matched to content in the same way the overrides are - by filename; and the filenames for my games are not likely to be identical to your filenames. I might have "Fighters Megamix.cue" and you might have "Fighters Megamix (USA).cue". You would need to rename the presets that I attached to match your own files, just like you have to do with overrides, because I have no way of knowing what you have. I don't know what you mean by them being different - they're not. Fighters Megamix uses CRT-Deinterlacing-Soft-3X. If you open up the override (Retroarch\config\Beetle Saturn\FIGHTERS_MEGAMIX.cfg) or the preset (Retroarch\shaders\presets\FIGHTERS_MEGAMIX.glslp), you'll see it listed in both. It does nothing in overrides now (video_shader =), so it has to be loaded via the preset. You're welcome to compare each of the presets to the overrides, but they're the same.
  12. Attached below is an updated version of my set reformatted for Retroarch 1.7.8+. Shaders were changed in that version to read paths relative to the preset itself rather than relative to Retroarch which, of course, broke all the previous presets. Also included are some minor fixes here and there, and some new deinterlacing shaders. Be aware that, because of the path changes, these will not work with Retroarch 1.7.7 or earlier. Zomb's Shaders (Retroarch 1.7.8+).7z
  13. I've attached an update near the bottom of the opening post for Retroarch 1.7.8+ which has presets to trigger the deinterlacing shaders as well as updated versions of the shaders since the paths are now relative. Please note that you'll need to rename the presets to match your own files just like you have to do with overrides - they're matched in the same way. I included folders for both Beetle PSX HW and Beetle PSX as I've actually switched over to Beetle PSX now. I've encountered a few visual bugs in the HW core even when using software rendering (bugs that weren't present in previous versions), so I'm just using the regular old software core now. It's worth noting too that the latest software core supports upscaling itself, which is pretty neat.
  14. No and I'm rather dubious frankly. They're there for those that want them, but games during this era often had elements such as physics, collision, etc. that were tied in with framerate that are likely to break if running at a speed that wasn't intended. I'm sure some of them are fine, but I haven't messed with them. My priority is just getting these running well, while upscaled, and not looking like a buggy mess.
  15. Alright so Borderlands 3 had me very distracted for a while, but I've got two level 50 characters now so I'm taking a break from that and am right back into working on this. I'm currently at 139 / 57%. Just so people can get a better idea of the current state, this is the current changelog (only games that actually had some change to their config are included):
  16. That would be because they (stupidly, in my opinion) removed the video_shader = value from usage, and it's all done through presets now. This means that now, instead of being able to have only 1 override for a game in order to specify both frame size changes and specify a shader, you have to have two files - an override for the dimensions and a shader preset to tell it to use the specific shader. Improvements! Because reasons! Oh, and all shader paths are relative to where the the preset is loaded from now, rather than relative to Retroarch itself, so I've had to go back and update all the paths in my shader set. Improvements! Because reasons! I love when they make these kinds of "upgrades". I'll end up releasing an updated override (and now shader preset) set along with updated versions of my shaders soon.
  17. You can do that, yes, although at that point you lose all the metadata, screenshots, etc. many of which I had to add, remove, and edit manually. If you wanted to import into an existing library then you should follow the instructions I have on the first page.
  18. I'm not 100% certain I understand your question based on your phrasing. Everything in the C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams folder has to stay where it is ("Games" folder parallel to the "Retroarch" folder etc.) otherwise all the scripts will break. Now, the first folder (which contains Launchbox itself) isn't necessary for anything to work, the games will work on their own without it, and that folder can be named anything or placed anywhere, or if you don't want to use Launchbox at all you can move the C64 dreams subfolder out of it and start the games directly by going into the Games folder, going into one of the individual game folders, and starting the .vbs file. You cannot, however, take the "Games" folder, by itself, and move it somewhere else if that's what you're asking. All of the folders that are next to each other ("Games", "Retroarch", "Utilities", etc.) need to remain next to each other (the name of the folder that contains those folders - "C64 Dreams" - doesn't matter, if you're not using Launchbox). Basically, all the folders in C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams need to stay together otherwise everything will break.
  19. The special launcher hasn't been needed in about 2 years dude. That's been stated in this thread multiple times. It was to address a bug that was fixed ages ago. You just need to direct Launchbox it to Launcher.exe.
  20. 110 / 45% done now. I've also been keeping a detailed changelog so that people can see what's changed once it's all done. A lot of little fixes and improvements here and there. Also, just FYI I'm on dev 3281 now because there was actually a very recent improvement that fixed a regression that's been around since 1.2.1 that caused some issues in some games, like skipping audio in cutscenes in Shadow of Rome and weird speedup problems in Jak 2. So a really nice improvement there.
  21. Nope, not yet. Just been sidetracked by other things. One of these weekends I'll try to take care of that.
  22. Err wait, I guess I misunderstood your question. You're saying that it's quitting when you want to show the layout. I guess in that case you'd want to move it to the quit key position and then use the global quit key in LB. So go to C64 Dreams\Retroarch and open up retroarch.cfg in a text editor. Find this line: input_exit_emulator_btn = "4" Change "4" to "nul" Then find this line: input_overlay_next_btn = "6" Change "6" to "4" This will make Back + LB show the overlay and Back + Start do nothing (or quit if that's what you have as the specified quit combo in LB). Keep in mind that the controls for quitting and showing the overlay will be reversed from what's shown in the image, but you'd have to know that to get to that point anyway.
  23. Probably your best bet would be to disable the exit key in Retroarch and then just use your global combo. Go to C64 Dreams\Retroarch and open up retroarch.cfg in a text editor. Find this line: input_exit_emulator_btn = "4" Change "4" to "nul"
  24. To give people a bit of a status update on the config updating process, I'm currently at 70 configs done or about 29% of the current set. It's time-consuming but I'm getting there.
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