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  1. Attack of the Mutant Camels is working correctly as-is. You probably switched ports by mistake (via L2/LT). The left stick button is "N". The right stick button is "Y". These are there primarily for trainers. Please read the instructions in the opening post.
  2. No, they're not. You just have to be logged into the forums to download attachments. The exporter is still there. I just downloaded it again. The custom launcher is no longer necessary, just the exporter. You'll still need separate emulator entries for both custom configs and UUIDs, they'll just both be directed to the same standard launcher. Technically you don't have to use UUIDs but you still should in order to have everything import into LB in such a way that it can match against the DB for metadata. That won't work properly if you just drag the games into LB.
  3. You can add your own games pretty easily. Some quick instructions can be found in this post: With that said, I always encourage people to just tell me what they want added and I'll add it. I've added Booty to my list.
  4. You can't without breaking some things. With that said, the next version will be using 1.9.4 so you could use it with that.
  5. It'll be in there. I'm still working on indexing all the reviews, incorporating them for games that are already in the collection, and adding in games that are reviewed that aren't in the collection. Every game in the first 14 issues is now in the collection, along with their reviews, as well as reviews for games that were already in the collection for the first 31 issues. 652 reviews are setup currently. I'll have to recount but adding in the missing games until I reach 500 new games for the update should put me at around issue 35. I'll make sure that one's in there either way though. The next 100 games are in but I still have to do some testing on them, which is what I'm working on currently, but I'll be posting that list once that's done.
  6. I don't believe so, no. You could always "reverse engineer" one of my game packages that use PCem, just uninstalling the game in the 98 environment and then putting whatever you wanted on. The newer ones are setup with variable vhds. The older ones are imgs, from before those were available. https://www.zombs-lair.com/ It's pretty easy to just start from scratch though if you want to go that route. I'd recommend using 98SE + FIC VA-503+ or later mobo as this allows you to shut down the computer and then PCem automatically closes itself.
  7. You can't. But you shouldn't be using .img hdds anyway. PCem (v17) lets you create variable size / dynamically-expanding vhds. You specify a size that you want to be seen in the VM - 16GB, 32GB, whatever you want - but the actual size that it occupies is only however much space is used by the files on the drive, and it dynamically expands as you add more, up to whatever the maximum size was that your specified on creation.
  8. Assuming you're using PCem for Windows 9x you wouldn't want that anyway as you need to shut it down properly through the start menu, not pull the proverbial plug.
  9. Thanks @machjas I really appreciate that! ?
  10. Alright y'all, the first 100 games in the next update are done. Working on the games themselves has probably been the least time consuming part of the process so far haha. I have a long blog post on my site going over some upcoming features and plans, so check that out for more info. You can find it here. The TLDR version is that I'm incorporating per-game Zzap!64 reviews i.e. you right-click on a game and then are taken directly to the review for that game, either in the web or local version depending on which shortcut you start. I'm also working on a (somewhat stripped down) version for RG351 devices (I picked up an RG351V recently and have had a lot of fun with it) which could be crossed over fairly easily to other devices like a Pi. Anyway, like last time I'll be posting the specific game additions as I add them for the purposes of any potential LBGDB metadata improvements in the interim. I have the feeling there will be less need for that with this update than there normally is since I'm focusing on titles reviewed in Zzap!64 this go round rather than just going through GB64 as I normally do. I'll definitely be getting back to that in the future but given the focus on the review integration I'm going through and adding anything that was reviewed but wasn't in the collection already. Here's the first batch: Airwolf Almazz Antics Ark Pandora Astonishing Adventures of Mr. Weems and the She Vampires, The Battle for Normandy Beatle Quest Blizzard! Part I - Commando Libya Brian Bloodaxe Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge Bristles Bulge, The Castle Blackstar Castle Dracula Chickin Chase Chopper Circus Circus Combat Leader Crillion Crossroads II Crystal Frog Cylu Emerald Isle Estra Fighter Pilot Fire One Five A-Side Fix It Felix Jr. Flight Simulator II Flyer Fox Gettysburg - The Turning Point Glider Pilot Graham Gooch's Test Cricket Grand Larceny Great American Cross-Country Road Race, The Herbert's Dummy Run Hi Bouncer Ian Botham's Test Match Jump Jet Kayak Knight Orc Knockout Lands of Havoc, The Lost City, The Merlin Mindshadow Mindwheel Monster Trivia Moon Cresta Mordon's Quest Nick Faldo Plays the Open Nutcraka On-Court Tennis On-Field Football Operation Swordfish Operation Whirlwind Out on a Limb Pac-Man Penetrator Percy The Potty Pigeon Poker (Duckworth Home Computing) Pole Position Raskel Realms of Darkness Red Moon Richard Petty's Talladega Ripper! Rupert and the Toymaker's Party Scoop!, The Scroll of Akbar Khan, The Shades Shoot Em Up Skyjet Software Star Solo Flight Sorcerer (Infocom) Space Shuttle - A Journey Into Space Spitfire 40 Spooks Star League Baseball Starfire Stop the Express Stringer Subsunk Super Gran - The Adventure Super Huey Super Zaxxon Taskmaster Tim Love's Cricket Time Search Tir Na Nog Tracer Sanction, The Valkyrie 17 Velnor's Lair View to a Kill, A Vortron Web Dimension Whirlinurd Witch's Cauldron, The World Series Baseball
  11. Just FYI I've been working on the next update for the last month. I've still got a ways to go but it's coming along. I'll have some more specific progress details soon. Like last time I'll be posting games added as I go, probably in blocks of 100 or so, to give the folks that work on the LBGDB a heads up beforehand.
  12. The images just need to be merged in with your existing images folder. If they're not showing up the only thing I could guess is that you've inadvertently changed their paths in the process of changing the paths for the games. Either that or you didn't merge in the lines for the platforms.xml correctly from Platforms XML Insert.txt The image paths are specified in the platforms.xml in the MediaType fields i.e. MediaType Box - Back has a FolderPath of Images\C64 Dreams\Box - Back etc. repeated for each image type and for each relevant platform (Games, Magazines, etc.)
  13. I have no idea what you're talking about here by the way. I definitely never said anything of the kind, in the video or here. FS-UAE has its own configs database that you link to when you scan your games into it. That includes both adf and WHDLoad games. But that doesn't cover 100% of the library, and sometimes the games it does cover have configs that aren't actually correct. I go over examples of both in the video. In these cases you need to make your own configs. So both are necessary. Disk swapping has nothing to do with any of that, honestly. If it's multi-adf format you're still going to swap disks. If your disk images are recognized on scanning and there's an existing config in their database for it, it'll have all the disks attached appropriately, but you'll still need to swap when prompted. If they aren't recognized or a config doesn't exist, you'll have to make your own. The entire point of UUIDs, custom configs, and separate emulator entries is that you need to be able to accommodate both scenarios, both cases where you can use FS-UAEs own configs and cases where you can't.
  14. Because, as is explained in the video, UUIDs specifically launch the internal configs from the OAGD/OpenRetro. That's well and good until you run into a scenario where those are wrong or don't exist to begin with, in those cases you need a custom config. And the UUIDs and custom configs require separate emulator entries to work - because they have to have different checkboxes checked. You direct UUIDs to one and custom configs to the other.
  15. There's nothing to know. It's just a different format that entails no disk swapping and faster loading times. There's really no reason to use .adfs unless there's no WHDLoad version available. Just Google WHDLoad roms and you'll find them. My specific suggestion would be to use Retoplay's WHDLoad set, you can find it on the EAB here: https://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=61028
  16. Yes. You need to direct it to a separate emulator entry setup as FS-UAE UUID as I show in the video though, if you're not already. UUIDs require different checkboxes than just directing the raw files or custom configs to FS-UAE, that's why they're mutually exclusive. Is there some particular reason you're not using WHDLoad roms? That's going to make your life a lot easier and make the play experience significantly better. There really isn't much to the process from beginning to end - import into FS-UAE, export the UUIDs, import the UUIDs into LB, direct them to the right emulator entry. The majority of the time spent is in the initial setup. If it isn't working correctly, chances are you haven't setup something correctly with the emulator entry. My suggestion would be to look there. You don't need the custom launcher anymore, the bug that that was meant to address has since been patched, you just direct it to the normal FS-UAE .exe. You still have to have separate emulator entries for FS-UAE (custom configs or raw rom files) and FS-UAE UUID (exported UUIDs) though because, again, the checkboxes used for each of these scenarios are different.
  17. You can launch either through the right click menu. It just defaults to the web versions until you overwrite your xml to default to the local ones (because that makes more sense as a default given that the local versions are optional). xmls to change the default launch behavior are in the magazines folder. Use the Default Local one if you want it to default to those.
  18. Septerra Core: Definitive Edition Patch is now available. - Patches the game to use the static recompiled version of Septerra Core (improves compatibility with modern OSes and hardware) - Fixes cutscenes in Steam version (which don't work at all in that version) and improves the quality of the cutscenes in the GOG version - Allows the game to correctly run in its native resolution with bilinear scaling to your native resolution as opposed to forcing it to run at your native resolution with nearest neighbor (which looks terrible) as it does in the GOG version - Custom controller support via Antimicro - Reshade support with my own custom presets, options (can be modified through the Launcher), and custom bezel (which can be disabled) - A high quality 600dpi scan of my personal copy of the manual - ASuite for management
  19. As is explained in the opening post: 1) This is a curated collection so yes, of course the "numbers are way low", that's kindof the point; even when it's "done" (which it's only at about 35% at this point) it will never be near something like GB64's numbers by design, because one of the goals of the project is to filter out the extreme amount of noise in a collection like that. My estimate when all is said and done is something like 8000 games. 2) I'm making my way through Gamebase64 in alphabetical order and am currently working through "K", which means that I haven't gotten to Might and Magic yet. It's why out of a collection of 2500 games nearly 1700 of them fall within # and J. This is also explained in the opening post in the usage section. It's also shown on the controls reference image.
  20. Abomination: The Nemesis Project has now been added to Zomb's Lair.
  21. Arx Fatalis: Definitive Edition Patch is now available. -Patches the game to use Arx Libertatis mod (v1.2-dev) -Controller support via Antimicro -Reshade support with my custom presets and options -Strategy Guide -ASuite for management
  22. Yes, this will be corrected in the next update. It's not an issue even in the current version if the import instructions are followed correctly (settings.xml isn't something that's supposed to/should be imported into an existing collection). Well, unless someone decided to use C64 Dreams as a starting point and imported their library into it I guess (not sure why anyone would do that though). I got zugswang sorted out. Just needed to log out through the cloud menu and then back in with his info.
  23. Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy has now been added to Zomb's Lair.
  24. I wasn't aware you could use that. If so, it must be new-ish. I'm not aware of any others. Yes, anything after a bracket or parenthesis.
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