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  1. Ah, yeah 3281 is what the update will be using, but that's not out yet. The current configs are using the version that's in the opening post.
  2. That should only happen if you're using an older version of PCSX2. Are you using the one I linked in the opening post? I have a specific version included that you should be using if you're not.
  3. You use the right stick or arrow keys to move up and down the list. That's not too common, but some trainers do it.
  4. Try replacing the Windows 95.cfg in the Obsidian\configs folder with this one and see if that helps: Windows 95.cfg
  5. lol I'm gonna start using that Glad you got it sorted. As far as "how to play", while it obviously isn't going to cover everything, you may want to consult the game details spreadsheet if you're having issues. There's a link in the opening post and there's a shortcut to it in the C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams folder. In some cases there will be information there that you'll need. I've been in the process of making custom notes which you can toggle for specific games as well. A few games include this like 221B Baker St for example. For Raid Over Moscow specifically: I can personally recommend the Mayflash F300. It works great. You can go cheaper with the F101 or more expensive with the F500 too. These all support Xinput on PC, so they're treated just like an Xbox controller.
  6. Then there's either something wrong with your keyboard or there's something that's causing it to not be recognized/read by Retroarch - my guess would be your keyboard encoder joystick. It could be that it can only accept one keyboard at a time and it's seeing the joystick first. My suggestion would be to disconnect it and see if that fixes it.
  7. Are you pressing N (no) or Y (yes)? It's asking you to choose the trainer options - that's what the (Y/N) is for. You have to press one or the other three times there (once for each option) to continue. If pressing N or Y on an actual keyboard isn't working there, I'm not sure what to tell you other than there's probably something wrong with the keyboard. This is the most common scenario for trainers - it's why I have N and Y mapped to the controller. Most of the time they'll just ask you to press those to choose your trainer options. Some will ask you to press H or T for high score saver or trainers, some will then ask if you want to load or reset the high scores by pressing L or R. You just have to follow in the instructions in the trainer.
  8. As I say in the opening post, a keyboard is required. The shortcut keys deal with the most common scenarios but you'll never be able to account for every situation with just a controller. There's too wide a range of inputs required, not to mention the 60+ text adventures in the collection and 100+ that are keyboard input only. I can't speak to the keyboard encoder, as I have no experience there, but 360/XB1 controllers most assuredly work with this as I use both. Anything that's xinput based should work. I have a Mayflash F300, for example, and it works as well. Core and, in some cases, per-game remaps are used (C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Retroarch\config\remap\VICE x64), so if mapping changes aren't sticking, that's probably why. You'd have to overwrite them. My suggestion would be to do something to reconfigure the inputs on your controller so that they match the keyboard controls (listed in the opening post), however. No matter what though, you're going to need a keyboard either way. I'll add Drelbs in the next batch.
  9. Sorry for the super late reply, but relative paths are usable in DOSBox .confs. They're relative to DOSBox's location. .\ = DOSBox's folder ..\ = Up one folder from DOSBox's folder ..\..\ = Up two folders from DOSBox's folder etc. So let's say DOSBox is located in C:\DOSBox and your game (we'll use Dreamweb as an example) is in C:\DOSBox\Games\Dreamweb mount c ".\Games\Dreamweb" ...would mount that folder as your C drive. If you wanted to mount a specific subfolder as a cd drive, the same rules apply. You can also do this with disc images, so you could do something like: mount c ".\Games\Dreamweb" imgmount d ".\Games\Dreamweb\Disc Image\Dreamweb.iso" -t cdrom (or -t iso) If it wasn't located in DOSBox's folder, you'd just need to adjust the paths upwards to the point that it was an accessible subdirectory. It does have to be on the same hard drive as DOSBox. Let's say your folders are: C:\Emulation\DOS\Emulators\DOSBox\ C:\Emulation\DOS\Games\Dreamweb\ You'd just use: mount c "..\..\Games\Dreamweb" etc. Using relative paths, you can move the folders wherever you want, so long as DOSBox's location is moved along with them. This is essentially how all the DOS stuff I have on Zomb's Lair works, DOS games on GOG, etc. They use a predesigned structure that contain the game and a copy of DOSBox, which means you can take the folder that contains both of them and move it wherever you want, and the path structure will remain intact, because they're still the same, relative to each other.
  10. That's awesome to hear! That's exactly what I wanted to accomplish with this. Have fun! Hope you enjoy it!
  11. You can press numpad minus + F1 or back + xbox button on a controller. I can give you some specific suggestions that are likely to fix it though - I've been meaning to mention this in the opening post [EDIT: Added them under a section called "Performance"]. If you're having performance problems, you should go to C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Retroarch\config\VICE x64 and open VICE x64.cfg. There are three lines at the bottom that you should try adjusting: The first thing you should do is adjust video_frame_delay down by 1 at a time, down to 0 if necessary, and see if that fixes it (it probably will). If that doesn't work, the second thing you should do is set video_hard_sync to "false". If that doesn't work, try setting video_threaded to "true". I really don't recommend that unless absolutely necessary though. The previous two will produce a small amount of additional input latency, but threaded video increases it more significantly. It does have the benefit of letting it work on basically a toaster, however.
  12. Haven't tried it, but I'll add it to my to-do list.
  13. While I'm sure this won't be particularly "exciting" for most people, I've taken some time to make some updates to the code in my automation tools so that they're now... even more automated. I wrote these to help cut down on a lot of the tedious manual work and they've helped immensely in that regard, but there were still a few things that had to be done in conjunction with them, like updating the .bat files to contain the correct .cmd name and making alterations to the .cmd files if using a filetype other than .d64 - both of these are no longer necessary as it now injects the correct .cmd name automatically in the case of the former and auto-adjusts the filetype in the .cmds in the case of the latter. The only scenarios that really require any manual adjustment at this point are 1) multi-disk games as these need to be setup with .m3us and 2) games that need to have the .prg name specifically named in the .cmd in order for the correct program to start (these are fairly few and far between - it's most commonly seen in cases where there are a couple different games on the same disk). The end result of this is simply that the setup process on my end takes even less time now so... yay! If you're one of the few people who has any interest in messing with these for yourself, I've attached them. These go in the C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Utilities\Creation Tools folder. Just delete the !Base folder there and replace it and the .bats there with what's in the zip. !Automator.bat and !Automator - Batch 100.bat are likely the only ones that would be of any interest for anyone as these are for setting up the games themselves, all the others are for things like magazines, demos, etc. Now all you have to do is take your .d64s, .t64s, .d81s, .crts or whatever, make sure they're named the way you want them, and just drag them all onto !Automator.bat (for 10 or less) or !Automator - Batch 100.bat (up to 100) and then place the resultant folders into C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Games and you're done. Creation Tools.zip
  14. I'm glad you joined the forums just to complain about not having playtime tracking on a plugin that adds playtime tracking. Thanks for your contribution, hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for the plugin Grila. Nice little addition.
  15. It has no way of knowing what the root folder of the game is - the game folder is whatever you tell it (or don't tell it) it is. The only thing it knows upon start is where it (DOSBox) is located, so any relative paths (.\ ..\ etc.) are based on DOSBox's location. This is the same way relative paths in Launchbox work, FYI. Some versions of DOSBox (like Daum) do have auto-mounting paths based on the location of an .exe you specify (drag and drop .exe starting), but not standard DOSBox. Even then though, that doesn't make .\ = the game's folder, it just auto-fills the path correctly relative to DOSBox's location.
  16. If the built in mapper is insufficient, I use Antimicro. It's free, open-source, easy to use, has a nice GUI, and has worked with every controller I've used it with. I actually use it any time I need an external mapper for anything.
  17. The update has been delayed because I sold/bought/moved houses. We literally moved in yesterday. It's a disaster zone of moving boxes at the moment. I'll get back to this once things are back in some semblance of order but the IRL stuff has to take precedence for the time being. That said, this hasn't been forgotten.
  18. Version 0.18 of C64 Dreams is now available. It features 300 additional games plus a number of improvements. DOWNLOAD HERE Local copies of the magazines are now in a separate module here. These are not required. If you want to use them, just extract them into the C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams folder and merge with the Magazines folder. More information in the "New" section below. The game details spreadsheet has been updated accordingly. Version Updates: Artillery Duel - replaced with Remember version Black Lamp - replaced with Remember version Bounty Bob Strikes Back! - replaced with 2011 version by Avatar Bruce Lee - replaced with Remember version Castle of Terror - replaced with Remember version Cauldron - replaced with Remember version Championship Wrestling - replaced with Easyflash version by Excess Clik Clak - replaced with Easyflash version by Master Coil Cop - replaced with +1D version by Underground Domain Inc. Conan - replaced with Nostalgia version Cosmic Hero - replaced with Alpha Flight version Cosmox - replaced with Easyflash version (Fred's Pentalogy) by Master Count Duckula - replaced with 2019 +5DP 101% version by Fairlight Dark Fusion - replaced with Easyflash version by The Joker Darkman - replaced with Easyflash version by Master Dino Eggs - replaced with Remember version Dragon Breed - replaced with Easyflash version by Master Dragon Spirit - replaced with Easyflash version by The Joker Dragon's Lair - replaced with Easyflash version by Master Dragon's Lair II - replaced with Easyflash version by Master Enforcer: Fullmetal Megablaster - replaced with Easyflash version by Hokuto Force Forgotten Forest - replaced with V1.1 (10/31/19) by The New Dimension Forgotten Worlds - replaced with Easyflash version by Master G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero - replaced with Remember version Gauntlet II - replaced with Easyflash version by Master Green Beret - replaced with Remember version H.E.R.O. - replaced with Remember version Hunchback - replaced with Remember version Killer Bees - replaced with 2019 V4 version by Excess Koronis Rift - replaced with Remember version Law of the West - replaced with Easyflash version by Excess Lazy Jones - replaced with Remember version Lumberjack - replaced with Deluxe version by Genesis Project Mayhem in Monsterland - replaced with Easyflash version by EDK + SAM Neutron - replaced with V1.3 +2D version by Genesis Project Popeye - replaced with Remember version Prince of Persia - replaced with official v1.1 version Quedex - replaced with Remember version Racing Destruction Set - replaced with Easyflash version by Excess Rock 'n Bolt - replaced with Remember version Smash TV - replaced with Remember version Spelunker - replaced with Remember versin Wizard of Wor - replaced with +9DGH 101% version by Hokuto Force X-Out - replaced with 2019 .d81 100% version by Hokuto Force Changes/Fixes: Fixed Bad Blood which was incorrectly referrencing a previous version in the .bat (and not working, as result) Replaced Alternate Reality: The Dungeon disks with version from Gamebase64 - previous version seemed to stop working after the intro Removed unnecessary file from Cargo (old version) Removed custom cropping from Cyberball (not sure why I had this to begin with) Corrected Skyfox to use port 1 Corrected Blades of Steel to use port 2 Changed Ballblazer default joystick port to 1 and added custom screen cropping Added custom polling type / turbo period / duty cycle to The Detective Game which makes fire button behavior much more consistent (it's not very responsive in Retroarch by default); applied this same fix to Spellbound Dizzy Fixed some problems with Thrust controller settings and changed controls - read Retroarch notes for details Changed input polling type from early to late - this has resulted in a pretty noticeable improvement to input latency Made some adjustments to input settings which should make more controllers usable (although hotkeys are not guaranteed to work) Removed vicerc0 and tempsave files as they're no longer necessary (about 1500 files) Renamed all .ef files back to .crt - this was a holdover from the time when I was still using CCS64, as I wanted to differenciate between normal .crt files (which CCS64 supports) and Easyflash .crt files (which CCS64 does not support. Changed AHK scripts to wait until after Retroarch has started to perform MouseMove instead of before, so that it's not potentially sitting in that moved position a few seconds before the game actually starts (i.e. if it takes Retroarch a couple seconds to start) Changed disk names for some multidisk games because the core shows the name of the inserted disk now, so using specific names makes it easier to tell which one you need to switch to now; games updated are: 221B Baker St, Alter Ego - Female Version, Alternate Reality, Alternate Reality II, Bard's Tale II, Bard's Tale III, and Wasteland Added blank Character Disk to Alternate Reality II Unified font between XMB and OSD messages (pixelFJ8pt1_.TTF) and it now references an internal location so it's not a font that you need to have installed previously Added autoloading savestates for some Easyflash games that are part of multi-game carts, so that the correct game is loaded without having to make any selection (Summer / Winter Games, Leaderboard / World Class Leaderboard, etc.; doesn't include games that have saves like Zak McKracken, Maniac Mansion, The Uninvited, and Deja Vu as this breaks traditional saving for Easyflash games) Deleted some duplicate images from Launchbox Reduced default volume New: Savestates! Additional controls for states have been added to the controller reference image and to the controls/notes images in Retroarch. Some games are now setup with an autoload savestate which will be loaded as soon as the game is started - this is primarily for games that require true drive emulation (longer load times) so that they'll start at a point after the initial load has completed. A new column has been added to the game details spreadsheet called "Autoload state?" to indicate where they're used. Added Blast From The Past collections 1-25; these are multi-game collections that most C64 fans will be familiar with. Some of the featured games are already present in C64 Dreams individually, some aren't - I've added these partially out of novelty and personal nostalgia and partially as a way to quickly test out more games to potentially add individually to the collection; they all require TrueDrive to be enabled so I've setup autoload savestates to the game selection menu for each one; I can't guarantee all the included games work correctly as I haven't tested them all. Note that these are not incorporated into the Launchbox library currently, but they're available by going to C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Games\!Blast From The Past and then starting the .vbs files within each folder. Games that use only keyboard inputs (like text adventures) now use an alternate bezel that indicates this with a keyboard icon in the bottom right corner. Games that have custom notes now use an alternate bezel that indicates this with a note icon in the bottom left corner. Incorporated web versions of the magazines, which load from Archive.org, and made this the default launch option - local storage versions are still available as a separate module; the rationale for this is that roughly half (4GB) of the total storage requirement for C64 Dreams (8GB) is due to the magazines, and this will only increase over time - the storage space occupied by the rest of the collection should only increase by very small amounts over time because of the size of the files, but each additional magazine is between 40-60MB so they add up quickly. Both the web versions and the local versions are accessible via the right-click/additional apps menu for each magazine. If you don't have the local version, you'll get an error when trying to start that version in the right-click menu - just press okay and then Escape to exit. Misc: Updated Retroarch to version 1.7.9 Changed custom notes overlays from jpgs to pngs as the jpgs have some weird graphical corruption in newer versions of Retroarch; the file sizes are, unfortunately, a bit larger as result Added custom keyboard controls to The Eternal Dagger Added custom joystick controls for Every Second Counts, Fairlight - A Prelude, and Frank Bruno's Boxing Added PRG/Group info and CSDb.dk links for many games, covering a total of 1070 games (63%) in the collection currently. New custom notes: Eternal Dagger Every Second Counts Fairlight: A Prelude Frank Bruno's Boxing Thrust New configs with custom dimensions: Ballblazer Masquerade Planet Golf Just a reminder, but if you're not using 1080p, you're going to need to change the resolution setting via C64 Dreams > C64 Dreams > Utilities > Screen Resolution Adjustment and then starting one of the .bats. There are options for 1080p (default / complete), 1600x900, 1440p, and 4k. For games that have custom dimension settings (there are 28 of these), the dimensions will need to be adjusted to meet your resolution needs. @jophran has made them for 1600x900 for most of these, but none of the others are covered. If anyone who has access to a 1440p or 4k monitor would like to assist with this, please let me know. New games in v0.18 1917 2000 Kung-Fu Maniacs 4M Arena Agent USA Alien 8 Alien Research Centre 2 All New Family Feud Alloyrun Antarta Arcana Bandits Basket Master Bergbert der Rächer Bergbert III - The Blue Knight Berks Four Blastopia DX Bloodwheels Bug Out 2019 Chopper Command Crypt of the Pharaoh Dallas Quest, The Dam Busters, The Dandy Death Weapon Deep, The Dice Skater Didrik The Diver Duel, The Dungeon Crawl Dungeon Explorer Dungeon Trials Dungeons of Ba Dunwich Horror, The Dunzhin Dylan Dog - The Full Moon Nights Dynamite Dux Dynamix Dynamoid Dystopia Dyter-07 E-Swat Earth Orbit Station Echelon Echo Hawk Edd the Duck Eggman Eight Feet Under Election Electro World Elektraglide Elektrix Elevator Action Elf Caper Elidon Elite Squad Ellak's Tomb Elsoliado Elven Warrior Elvira - Mistress of the Dark Elvira - The Arcade Game Elvira II - The Mistress Strikes Back Emerald Miner Empire of Karn Encounter Endless Forms Most Beautiful Enduro Racer Energy Manager Entity Enzyme Epsilon IV Equinox Erebus Escape (Timsoft) Escape from Arth Escape from New York Escape from Paradise Escape from SEUCK Escape from Stank Escape from the Dark Prison Escape from the Killer Robots! Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters Escape from the Shire Escape New York Escape or Bust (Tunnel Escape) Escape Route Eskimo Games Espionage Espodill Eszkimo Eternal Dagger, The Eureka! Every Second Counts Everyone's a Wally Evil Crown Evil Dead, The Evil Garden Examination, The Exceleron Exodus Exorcist Expedition Amazon Experience Exploding Wall Explorer Eye of the Gods F-14 Tomcat F-15 Strike Eagle F-16 Combat Pilot F-18 Hornet F-Clash 64 F1 GP Circuits F1 Tornado Fabuland Face Ache Face Off! Fairlight - A Prelude Fairy Well Falcon - The Renegade Lord Falcon Patrol Falcon Patrol II Fallen Angel Falling Family Feud Famous Five, The Farstar Fast Fast Break Fast Eddie Fast Food! Fast Future Fast Tracks Fearless Fred and the Factory of Doom Federation Fellowship of the Rings Fernandez Must Die Ferrari Formula One Ferris' Christmas Caper Fetris Fifteen 3D Fifth Quadrant, The Fight for Thurn Fight Night Fighter Bomber Fighting Soccer Fighting Warrior Final Blow Final Encounter, The Final Fight Final Tennis Finders Keepers Fire and Forget II Fire Ant Fire Bug Fire Eagle Fire Fighter Fire Galaxy Fire King Fire Track Firebird Fireflash Firehouse Rescue Fireman Sam - The Hero Next Door Firepower Firequest FireTrap Firezone First Starfighter, The First Strike Fish! Fist Fighter Fist II - The Legend Continues FlaschBier Flash Flood Flash! FlawShow Flight of the Albatross Flight of the Albatross II Flintstones, The Fliptris Floyd the Droid Flubble and Squij Flummi's World Fly Harder Flying Cobra RX Flying in on the Big Bird Flying Shark Flying Shark II For Speed We Need Forbidden Fruit Foreign 2, The Foreign, The Forest of Doom, The Forester Fort Django Fortress of Narzod Fortress of the Witch King Fortune Hunter Fourth Protocol, The Fox Fights Back Frank Bruno's Boxing Frankenstein Frankie Crashed on Jupiter Frantic Freak Attack Freak Factory Fred Fred the Fruiter Fred's Back Fred's Back II Fred's Back III Fred's In Trouble Freddy Hardest Freddy Hardest II - In South Manhattan Frenzy Frexel Friday the 13th Frightmare Frogger '93 Frogs in Space From Out of the Snow Frost Byte Frostbite Fruity Fugitive Fun Duel Future Bike Simulator Future Dungeons Future Fighter Future Knight Galactic Assault Galactic Chaos Galactic Games Galactic Muncher GalactyForce Galax-I-Birds Galaxia 7 Galaxibirds II Galleon, The Get Witchy Ghettoblaster Gogo the Ghost Haunted House Hunter, The Ice Cold Beer Insectophobia ISS Emergency! Jack the Nipper Jack the Nipper II Jimmy Business Killer-Ring Legion of the Damned Legion of the Damned 2 Legion of the Damned 3 Little Sara Sister Trilogy Luna Masquerade Micro Hexagon Morpheus Neutralizor Ninja Master, The Nukenin & The Ronin Orpheus in the Underworld Out of INK P0 Snake Pagoda Warrior 2 Planet Golf Pocket Dungeon Pocket Rockets Pooyan Race Through Space Railroad Tycoon Relentless 64 Rettenthetetlen - Fearless Robots Rumble Rocket 'N' Roll Rocky Horror Show, The Rogue Trooper Royal Hunt, The Sceptre of Baghdad Search for the Nether Regions, The Sentinel Silverfish Slaterman Space Knight Space Orbs Space Trip 2086 Split Second Spy Who Loved Me, The Stercore XD Strike Force Harrier Super Goatron Super Tau Zeta Take Down Total Eclipse Total Eclipse II TRogue64 Trojahn Valentino Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Wizard Willy *these games are still commercial so the roms are not supplied New Demos Demolution by Lethargy Dive, The by Genesis Project Elder Scrollers, The by Booze Design Thera by Atlantis New SID Amazing Discoveries by LMan Aslång på Skansen by Fegolhuzz Cakewalk by Jangler Dawnstar Ascendant by Nightbeat Every Bit You Take by Mythus Free Fallin' by Soya Half-Half by Artline Designs Ikebukuro by Mibri M2-V7 by Tracker Neutron Bouncer by dLx + Stinsen Psi Pi by SMC Shadows Falling by Flotsam Smoke and Mirrors by dLx + Stinsen Touch the Sky by Flex Wrath of Yamo, The by Abaddon
  19. I generally prefer Retroarch over standalone emulators barring a few specific instances, and the number of those has only gotten smaller with time, not larger. -I used to prefer standalone C64 emulators, but now use Retroarch - the VICE core is actually very, very good at this point. -Demul used to be the go-to Dreamcast emulator, but I actually prefer Flycast (Retroarch) at this point. Standalone Redream is a close second, but it doesn't have sound interpolation like Flycast which can make some games sound really awful. -I always used to use the standalone Atari800 emulator for Atari 8-bit and 5200 games, but the Atari800 core is quite good now so I prefer it at this point. It used to be kindof convoluted to setup in Retroarch, but that's not really the case anymore. -I used to prefer XM6 Pro68k for x68k emulation but that's since shifted to PX68k in Retroarch. Like the Atari800 core, this one used to be kindof convoluted to setup in Retroarch, but it's simple now. I use MAME in Retroarch as well, although I'm probably in the minority on that one. PPSSPP and Dolphin are still better in standalone in my opinion. I just did some recent comparisons between the current cores and current standalones for these and I think the statement still holds true - they still have issues. PS2 emulation basically isn't covered in Retroarch - they technically have Play! but that barely even counts in its current state (in or outside of Retroarch). I do primarily use DOSBox in Retroarch at this point but it comes with some caveats (like no built-in soundfont implementation, although this isn't really a problem if you use something like VirtualMidiSynth) and limitations (namely with Windows 3.1+ emulation) and it creates some additional complications to the point that I probably wouldn't recommend people use it over say DOSBox ECE. I definitely prefer FS-UAE over PUAE in Retroarch for Amiga. Same for Steem over Hatari in Retroarch for Atari ST. The 3DO core has compatibility issues with a couple games, but in the cases where it works correctly (which is the majority of them), I do use Retroarch. The general rule of thumb is that unless a core has something definitively wrong with it (and there are a few of those), you're better off with Retroarch than standalone because of all the benefits that it brings across the board. If something literally doesn't work or doesn't work well in Retroarch then obviously you'll want to look elsewhere, but those just continue to get fewer and farther between over time.
  20. Eh, I'm not thrilled with the idea of people having to scrape a bunch of media for this stuff - 1) that's an extra step that just shouldn't be necessary 2) there's a ton of stuff in here that doesn't even have a db entry (in some cases I'm just searching Google Images for something, in others I'm using a screenshot from the Gamebase64 collection, in some cases the game isn't even on Gamebase64 and I'm using a screenshot from csdb.dk) 3) some of the media that is there for some of these is questionable 4) scraping for this stuff in general can kindof be a nightmare when you consider you can have like 7 different games all called "Castle" or "The Castle" etc. The db is never gonna be perfect for this stuff, there's just too much. Putting the media in a separate pack wouldn't serve much purpose either, I mean you still need it, so why not just include it in the first place? The entirety of all the images included only accounts for 900MB~, so it's not a big deal either way. For the magazines, however, there are only 76 magazines included so far and we're at just shy of 4GB, so that would only get more and more out of hand over time (there will probably be a total of about 200 magazines included when all is said and done). Using the web versions provides the same functionality as what's already there (even has a nice little built-in reader) while cutting the total size literally in half, and if people still want the local versions they'll still be available. I've made it a point to try and trim as much fat from this thing as I possibly can, and there's not a whole lot left at this point. The good news is that now that the necessary infrastructure is in place, the size should only go up in fairly small amounts going forward. For just the games themselves it's only 400MB for all 1700 of them. The media will of course grow by a greater degree over time but I don't think that will ever be anything too crazy. I tend to do a fair bit of trimming by hand there as well.
  21. So I made a bit of an executive decision here and am opting to strip the local copies of the magazines out by default, and make them available as a separate module, and make the launcher default to web versions which are viewable on Archive.org (like this for example) - this is where I get them from anyway, before reducing the size/quality a bit to make them more reasonably sized. The rationale for this is that roughly half (4GB) of the total storage requirement for C64 Dreams (8GB) is due to the magazines, and this will only increase over time - the storage space occupied by the rest of the collection should only increase by very small amounts over time because of the small size of the files, but each additional magazine is between 40-60MB (after I'm done with them) so they add up quickly. As I said, I'll have a separate module available for local copies that'll let you just drag, drop, and merge with the existing collection. I'll make both the web and local versions accessible via the right-click/additional apps menu.
  22. Alright y'all, v0.18 is basically done, I'm just doing some final testing and a bit of cleanup at this point. Should have it out in the next day or two.
  23. I'm not sure what's going on with that screenshot but that doesn't look right at all. It may be a difference in resolution, I'm not sure. These were designed for 1080p. There's something very wrong there though, I can tell you that. The dark parts at the edge are a vignette, which is intentional. There are non-vignette versions of some of the presets, but not for all of them. You can increase sharpness by increasing the value of scale_x6 = although this can make things look off in some situations. EDIT: Looks like you've got sharpness set to 5 instead of 1 which is probably why it looks so weird. Looks to me like the sharpness hack is working, it's just not working the way you want it to. You should set that back to 1.
  24. In some cases yes, in most cases no. Most of the time it's just used to map the arrow keys to the right stick. Everything else is handled within Retroarch. In some cases where a game literally doesn't have any joystick controls, like Spellbound Dizzy, it is used to assign specific keyboard inputs to different buttons to essentially provide controller support for games that have none natively. Again, this does not use VICE. It uses the Retroarch VICE core. This is a significant distinction. The majority of the controls are handled within Retroarch, but these are not files that translate to anything other than Retroarch. It's a combination of Retroarch remap files and core option files. These are Retroarch-specific files that standalone VICE does not use. Remapping capability is fairly robust in Retroarch, but with that said there are some situations where it's insufficient and Antimicro is used to fill in the gaps. As an example, one of the games that's going to be in v0.18 is a game called Fairlight: A Prelude. It has no native controller support (well, basically none other than moving around). You have an inventory and to switch between inventory items you normally have to press numbers 1-5 to pick the specific item you want to select. With Antimicro, I've set it up to, among other things, let you switch item slots by pressing LB and RB. The only way to do this is to use pages of controls that are swapped between by pressing LB or RB, so when you start it's on page one and pressing RB would send a 2 input or LB would send a 5 input. So if you were to press RB, it'll send a 2 input and it'd be on the second page, if you were to press RB again it'd send a 3 input or 1 if you pressed LB, this continues on through 5 pages so that every time you press RB or LB it uses the next or previous number, and then circle back around once it gets to the end. There's no way to do this sort of thing with native mapping functions. This sort of scenario is fairly rare though, and most of the time the normal mapping functions in Retroarch are sufficient (other than mapping the right stick to arrow keys, which is handled through Antimicro for everything). Retroarch has a lot of advantages from very wide ranging controller support, to extremely low input latency when configured correctly (lower than basically anything else out there), the ability to custom tailor essentially every setting from core options like SID type and controller port to customized overscan cropping on a game by game basis, bezel support, shader support, etc. so that's what this is designed to use. I experimented with many, many C64 emulators when work on this project began, from multiple standalone versions of VICE to Hoxs64 to bizarre stuff like using the DOS version of CCS64 in DOSBox (which, prior to converting to Retroarch, was actually my preference) and none of them provided a satisfactory experience. None of them allowed me to make things as simple and seamless for the end user as Retroarch, so that's what the project will continue to use going forward; because of that, unless you're within the context of a PC that's using Retroarch, all you'd have left is essentially a curated set of games (which is significant in and of itself, but that's only a portion of the purpose/scope of the project).
  25. It uses the Retroarch VICE x64 core (uses the normal one, not sc, although the sc core would presumably work as well). I'm all for the work being used elsewhere, although I'm not sure how compatible any of this stuff would be outside of the specific context that it's in; the reason being that I'm using a variety of tools to achieve the final result. This integrates both Antimicro and Autohotkey in addition to Retroarch, for example, and it uses both .bat and visual basic scripts to tell the PC what to load. Taken purely as a source of a large curated set of games, that could certainly be migrated anywhere, I'm just not sure how much of the rest of it would work elsewhere. Thanks for mentioning the Easyflash version of Racing Destruction Set. The next update has quite a few version updates, but I hadn't seen that one - will add it to the update. Just to give people an update as to why v0.18 isn't out yet - I'm currently right in the middle of selling/buying/moving houses. We put our house up for sale last week expecting it to sell in about 6 months... it sold in 5 days and now we've got to be out by 1/5. We've negotiated the purchase of our new house, but there's still inspection stuff to be done, more packing to do, movers, yada yada yada and it's been a madhouse. So uh... that's been my entire world lately Once things get settled down again I'm looking forward to finishing this up and getting it out.
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