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Startup Video Request - Startup Video Duration


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I'm sure this may have been discussed in previous threads, but the BigBox settings for the startup video may need a change to fine tune or reduce the startup video duration. Right now, I can add time, but not subtract the duration. I initially set the "minimum Startup Video Duration" to the exact duration of the video, but BigBox wants to execute a second or two before the video ends, leaving a mini loop on the startup video. The only way I could resolve was to edit the BigBoxSettings XML file and adjust the <MinimumStartupVideoPlaybackTimeMilliseconds> entry to 1500, instead of 1800 as I originally set in the BB UI.

Just wondering if Jason and the development team could take a quick looksie.


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I know Jason wants to add more to it in the future, but yea, the video may loop a bit and that setting in the options can be changed to be slightly shorter. Instead of 18 seconds in Big Box you would have just chosen 15 seconds. The XML entry you edited and the option should be the same. I imagine Jason put it in milliseconds so that it could be fine tuned later, or have more flexibility.

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