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  1. Hmmmm. Hard to say whats going on here. I dont know exactly what codec Grilla used, but if was a codec issue, it would be garbled all the way through or wouldn't play at all. I'll download the vid and see if there is something worth noting. Also, just curious about your computer setup. you running this off a local disk or pulling from a NAS? SSD or spinning disk for LaunchBox folder? Have you also tried Windows Media Player and what are the results there?
  2. Hi andender, does the video play by itself in windows with no artifacting? lets rule out video playback first.
  3. I hear ya. What did you end up using to edit your latest video? AE can be a real time suck as it can get pretty deep, but the results can be phenomenal if you put the time into it. Good luck!
  4. What did you settle on for your editing software? Did you go with Sony Vegas or Adobe?
  5. Nice work CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT! Like the music and the fades between the games.
  6. Created one for you with the BigBox logo instead. It has a dark theme though.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    BigBox 3D Dark Theme Startup Video. Once Downloaded, rename file to startup.mp4. Place file in the root of your LaunchBox\Videos directory. Go into Bigbox options, select General, tick "Show Startup Splash Screen". For this video, select "Minimum Startup Video Duration: 15 Seconds. You may have to adjust the time to your liking. EDIT: Had to adjust to 15 seconds for this 18 second video to make the end of the video seamlessly launch with BigBox. 1080p - Encoded Bitrate 16 Mbps - Duration 18 Seconds Enjoy! Dcsdiver
  8. Hi Porl Hendy! Tell us a little about your config in BigBox settings. I'm sure with a little tweaking we can get you up and running in no time.
  9. Agreed. It really comes down to your expectations, finances, and time to commit to a particular platform. There is no doubt both platforms will serve you well, especially when starting out. Been using Adobe products since the mid 90's in both personal and professional settings, and I have made my personal choice. All I can suggest is kick the tires on both, and determine what works for you. Good luck brother and hope to see some of your Vids! Diver
  10. Have to side with Brad here. Vegas is awesome for video editing no doubt, but if you want to do the really cool stuff, you are going to have to jump into the Motion Graphics side of the house. I don't know what specifically what James Baker uses to produce his 1080p platform vids, but if I had to guess, he's using Adobe After Effects which is included in the CC suite. There just isn't any comparable product to Adobe CC. I'm going to warn you, there can be a steep learning curve, but once concepts are mastered, they translate into other apps within the suite. With regards to Gimp, yeah its kind
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