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My suggestions and questions.


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My suggestions and questions. Perhaps it is these issues have already been discussed, do not know...

1. More genres in the database : Simulation; Naval Simulation; Educational (no genre where to put math, writing and other educational games) etc.

2. Moderator can edit submitted changes Name, Overview and other details. Then we can immediately remove typos, factual errors, etc.

3. Gameplay categories in the database : is it text adventure, graphic adventure, single-screen/side-scrolling action,  single-screen/side-scrolling platformer, scrolling shoote'em up, first-person/thrid-person shooter, first-person/thrid-person action, point and click action, 3D action adventure, isometric action/platformer, top-down action/shooter/maze ...

4. Do i enter publisher or developer in the database with or without Inc., Ltd., GmBH, SA, Corp., LLC etc? For example: Apogee Software, Ltd., Apogee Software LLC or just Apogee Software, then we are like three different companies, which are basically all the same.

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Well Number 1 and 3, we just haven't gotten around to expanding the Genre's, but we do know they need to be at some point soon.

As for number 2, yea, that's a bit tricky. If someone requests a change on a submission though, it would have to get reset in the moderation queue and then the original person might take issue? It's hard to say what should be done here.

For number 4 though, that is very tricky. Sometimes their names change, they officially drop, add or change stuff around all the time. As an example, we are legally Unbroken Software, LLC; but we might put it down as Unbroken Software in certain locations. Maybe these should be consolidated, but I tend to go with whats on the box, or in the manual, or what the official releasing was released under. Up for discussion about this, but just go with what you can find right now. It's not TOO big of an issue, because even though Apogee has a few different ends, if you search "Apogee" you're gonna find all of them, so it's not technically breaking anything...?

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