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CriticalZone platform view changed

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Hi guys. I seem to have a problem with one of the views for the critical zone theme. Before, one of the views would show just the platform video in the background with the platform logo on the top left corner and when you scrolled to next or previous platform it would play the next or previous platform video and change the logo to the next platform or previous platform logo. Now, instead of showing just the logo on the top left corner, its showing the logos in a vertical wheel that goes up or down when I scroll but I didn't change any settings to do that. Does anyone know how i can change the theme back to showing the logo at the top left corner? I tried deleting it but that didn't work and i tried other views but no luck. I've added a screenshot to show what I mean. Thanks in Advance.

vertical wheel.png

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Yes, that view was updated and will stay like that for now on. It now looks and behaves exactly like I have always intended it. The old version was just a cheap workaround that I never really liked in the first place. Now you can fully navigate through the platforms and see the whole platform video without any unnecessary extra clear logos on top of it.

Here's the previous 1.7.1 version with the old look if you prefer that more:

CriticalZone 1.7.1.zip

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