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Non-skippable launcher "click play" script?

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First of all I only recently purchased a premium license and this is my first post to the forum. So hello everyone!

I'm excited for learning about how to make launchbox/bigbox work for me. It's already working pretty good. I'll have some tips/tricks and/or scripts to contribute in the near future :)

My question is about some Windows/Steam games using non-skippable launchers (Final Fantasy IV for Steam being my first example found). There's a FF4.exe as well as a launcher.exe (I don't have it in front of me, close enough) but the FF4.exe just brings up the launcher anyway. 

I remembered that autohotkey had a feature that will search the screen for a match to a given image and perform actions based on a match (like move mouse there/left click). I even found a user created ahk function that's supposed to make this really easy to do.

All I'm really asking is if anyone knows of an existing script like this in the forum or some place else? I mean a drop-in-and-works sort of a thing. Doesn't have to be AHK of course. Windows game click-play-on-the-launcher scripts generically, not necessarily the FF4 one specifically. I thought I should ask since figuring it out on my own with the AHK function will take probably between 1 and 10 hours of effort to figure out. That is what this sort of thing usually takes me at least. No need for that if the thing already exists.

Here's the thread for the AHK function I mentioned. If anybody was interested:

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