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Request: Multiplayer Gaming Theme Video


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Hi there,

I think we all agree that LB is an awesome piece of software. :)

After a hard week of work, sometimes you just want to have a good time and chill with your friends. And since I put my gaming rig into the living room, my friends and I really enjoy playing multiplayer games together. And yes, even girls like Big Box. B|

I've now put LB on my Laptop as well, so that we are not restricted to be over at my place. Even took it once to a birthday party and people drooled over the awesomeness of Big Box.

Yes, Big Box allows sorting by Play Mode, however I'd like to use the new Playlists feature to group together 2-Player and 4-Player games. What is missing though are appropriate themes videos. Since my video editing skills are non-existent, I'd like to kindly ask if someone else may be able and willing to put something together. Doesn't need to be super-complicated, just enough so that it doesn't break the awesome immersion a full fleshed out Big Box Setup provides.

I'd be grateful and it would make me very happy. :D


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Wow I was literally just about to write a request for this. xD  I am also  going through Marking every multiplayer game i have and making a playlist. It's true we badly need a video for multiplayer playlists and maybe a clearlogo also :).

Please comment and like this topic anyone else who also would like to see a multiplayer playlist theme video i would love make one myself but i too have no video making skills :(


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